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5 SkillsFuture Courses You Can Take To Add Value To Your Current Job Or Resume During “Circuit Breaker”

With the $500 top-up of SkillsFuture credit, take these online courses to improve yourself and learn more knowledge.

With the circuit breaker period extended to June 1, most people would find themselves with more time at home. One productive way to spend our downtime can be to tap on our SkillsFuture credit. During this year’s Budget, it was announced that all Singaporeans aged 25 and above would receive an additional top-up of $500 in SkillsFuture credit.

This month-long circuit breaker may be a good time to use our credits, given that this top-up now comes with an expiry date of five years, valid till end December 2025.

Here are some useful skills that Singaporeans can pick up using their SkillsFuture credit.

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#1 UX & Web Design – Udemy

User experience (UX) design is one of the most in-demand skills now, as companies strive to provide a seamless and meaningful experience to its users. Turn UX design from just a buzzword to a skill under your belt with Udemy’s course, UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development.

This course is designed to teach UX and web design principles from the basics, from coding, creating and designing websites. So, even if you are a beginner or have no knowledge of web design, you can still take this course to learn how to apply UX to website designs.

Do take note that you can download free trial versions of Photoshop and Axure RP, along with a free WordPress hosting plan, so there’s no need to fork out additional costs apart from the course fee.

Course Fee: $205

Training Duration: 23.5 hours

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#2 Python Programming – eCornell

Master Python programming this circuit breaker with eCornell’s series in Python, starting with Python Fundamentals. Python is one of the most common and basic coding languages and is considerably easy to learn for beginners.

While Python is seen as an essential skill for developers and software engineers, its versatility and flexibility can be extended across diverse fields such as in digital marketing. For instance, Python can help to automate marketing activities or data collection. Thus, picking up such a useful skill can help enhance your skillset and remain competitive.

Course Fee: $500

Training Duration: 12 hours over 2 weeks

#3 Beginner French – French Toast

According to ABC News, French is the 3rd most useful language for business, after English and Chinese, and one of 6 official languages in the United Nations. Thus, if you are seeking employment at multinational corporations, you can take French to improve your resume.

Sign up for a French Adult Beginner course at French Toast during this circuit breaker period using your SkillsFuture credits. Their classes are now available online till May 4 or whenever the circuit breaker ends. After May 4, do take note that classes might move offline depending on the situation.

Course Fee: $295 for course, $60 for books

Training Duration: 20 hours over 8 weeks

#4 Photography – eCornell

In the age of social media and eCommerce, companies place importance in pictures for their marketing and social media efforts. Thus, an employee skilled in photography adds value for companies, as they would be able to take or identify good photos that increase credibility for the company or entice customers to buy their products.

Signing up for Camera Selection and Mechanics by eCornell will teach fundamental skills and techniques on how to use a camera to achieve the right composition for your pictures. The course will also help and advice you on cameras to choose so that you know what camera to purchase if you do not already have one.

Course Fee: $500

Training Duration: 12 hours over 2 weeks

#5 Graphic Design – Udemy

Graphic design is now an important skill for people to learn, with more businesses needing graphic designers for their branding, infographics or logos. Companies value creative employees who understand design theory so that they can offer more input into creating and improving company media, such as for social media.

With the Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn Great Design course offered by Udemy, you can learn and understand basic design theories such as typography, colour theory, photo editing and manipulation. The course teaches you how to create logos and branding packages, along with learning to apply design theory to real-world projects.

Course fee: $204.99

Training Duration: 16.5 hours

Spend Your Time Productively During Circuit Breaker

With the extended circuit breaker, you might find yourself with more time on our hands. Be it learning from SkillsFuture courses or on other learning platforms, you can use this time to add new skills to your arsenal, boosting your employability or improving your career growth and development.

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