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SGX Orb Awards 2019: Here Are The Best In Financial Content You Should Be Reading In 2019 (As Chosen By SGX)

Here’s a compilation of the best financial and investing content over the past year.

The SGX Orb Awards recognises excellence in financial news and content. For 2019, DollarsAndSense is proud to emerge as the winner of the category. A huge thank you to all our readers that have shown us your support this past year as we continue to strive to producing quality content you deserve.

The SGX Orb Awards was launched by SGX just last year with the aim of recognising excellence in financial news and content in an evolving media landscape. This year, the SGX Orb Awards saw more than 120 entries across 6 categories.

Here are the nominees and winners that have produced stellar financial content the past year, which are definitely worth checking out.

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Story of the Year – Securities

This category seeks a piece of content that best offers insights on investing in equities and bonds, capturing developments that impact capital markets.

The winner this year was about why Buffett’s methods ought to be as much of an inspiration to corporate boards as to investors by Ben Paul, from The Edge Singapore. This article was centred around famous investor Warren Buffet and how not just individual investors, but also the boards and senior-management of listed companies can draw learning points from him as well. It also went into the details of Buffet’s investment methodology and best practices.

Other nominees:

Story of the Year – Derivatives

Derivatives have a major influence on Singapore’s importance as an international financial hub. This category looks to award content that uncovers a fresh angle while turning typically complex concepts into clear and precise storytelling.

The winner of this category was:

A multitrillion-dollar industry is getting turned on its head by Huileng Tan from CNBC. This piece covered how commodity trading is undergoing a digital makeover. It also highlighted the problems of documentation fraud, and how this can be improved by leveraging on new technologies, such as blockchain, that will help to tackle this problem in the commodities industry.

Other nominees:

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To mark the anniversary of SGX’s formation in 1999, SGX also included a special #SGX20 category this year. SGX invited journalists to share their thoughts on what a financial marketplace of the future may look like and how its role will strengthen Singapore’s relevance as an international financial centre.

The winner this year was:

Sustainability is key to sustain a thriving SGX for the next 20 years by Trinity Chua from The Edge Singapore. This piece highlighted the importance of sustainability investing as well as the efforts undertaken by SGX to encourage companies to pay attention to sustainability. For example, through the reporting of environmental, social and government (ESG) practices. Besides listed companies, fund managers are also being pressured by investors to mitigate such climate risks in their investment portfolios.

Other nominees:

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The Visual Treat

Long-form content aside, SGX also recognises other forms of financial content including videos and graphics. The Visual Treat is a category for all things creative and experiential.

The winner of this category was none other than The Woke Salaryman. Famed for their relatable and candid hand-drawn comics for the average salaryman, The Woke Salaryman has seen meteoric rise in just 5 months.

DollarsAndSense was also nominated in this category for the video: “How Much Do Regular Investors Know About Bonds?” where we quizzed 3 Singaporeans to find out just how much Singaporeans know about bonds as an asset class.

Other nominees:

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The Hidden Gem

The award of the The Hidden Gem seeks to honour the best feature or analysis of an under-covered stock listed on SGX (whether on Mainboard or Catalist).

The winner this year about why Isetan needs more than a store refresh by Marissa Lee from The Business Times. This article highlighted the headwinds retail is facing and how this has impacted a company like Isetan, with Isetan’s retail segment posting a net loss of S$21.2 million last year. It also covered what went down during Isetan’s annual general meeting, the management’s plans to bring back the crowd as well as the future problems Isetan could face.

Other nominees:

This category looks to award a financial blogger or independent investment-related website that most empowers investors to make educated decisions with their money.

DollarAndSense is proud to be announced as the winner for this category in 2019! This year, we have channelled our efforts to provide our readers with more bite-sized content through infographics, videos and pushing daily content through Telegram. We strive to continue producing content that aim to help Singaporeans make better financial decisions.

On the investment front, we continuously look to cover the full investor journey when it comes to investing. This starts from understanding what each asset class is, to investment strategies, opportunities and finally getting down to making the investment.

You can also read our weekly 4 Stocks This Week column where we cover 4 stocks in a particular sector we think is relevant for the week.

Other nominees:

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