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5 Features On The New SGX Website To Help You Become A More Informed Investor

The new SGX website is streamlined, responsive, and smart – just like you.

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) website is a useful platform for investors in the Singapore market, whether you’re interested in stocks, indices, futures, or other derivatives.

In January, the SGX website was revamped and relaunched, with many improvements and additional features to make it an even more valuable resource. With tools like stock screeners, latest market news and financial data of the listed companies, you can arm yourself with the facts and figures to help you become a more informed investor.

Here are 5 of the top features of the new SGX website that we think you should know about.

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#1 Responsive Website, Fully Optimised For Mobile

A major improvement to the website is its mobile responsiveness. The new website is fully optimised for desktops, smartphones and tablets and will take advantage of the available space on each platform.

This is great, because whether you’re planning and researching for your portfolio on your desktop at home or doing a quick check on stock prices on your phone while you’re outside, you get the best experience possible, which should be the norm in today’s modern web.

#2 Streamlined Interface And Navigation Structure

Source: SGX 

If you are a frequent user of the old SGX website, the most obvious change is the simplified interface and condensed navigation. According to the SGX website, the page levels have been reduced from 6 to 3 and the overall pages have been trimmed from 450 to 80.

As certain sections have been re-categorised, you will need to spend some time to get yourself familiarized with the new navigation structure. As the search function is also removed temporarily, you can refer to the FAQ if you have difficulty locating a particular section.

#3 Access StockFacts Via The Stock Screener Page

With over 700 stocks listed on the SGX, the StockFacts is a handy tool for stock screening based on the search criteria that you have set. It is a free service and you can find useful information of a particular stock such as financial data, recent announcement and the consensus estimates by analysts.

StockFacts is now on the Stock Screener Page, which can be accessed via the “Prices & Screeners” sub-section under the “Securities” section in the menu. Other than the Stock Screener, the ETF Screener and Structured Warrant Screener are also under the same sub-section.

Do note that StockFacts Plus, a premium stock screener subscription, is no longer available for subscription. Current trial users can still access the service until the end of the free trial period.

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#4 Monitor Stocks By Adding To Your Favourite List

When viewing the prices of securities or retail bonds, the SGX website allows you create and save a list of your favourite counters for easy monitoring. Simply click on the star symbol on the left of the respective row to add the counter to your favourite list. To view your favourite list, click on the star at the upper left part of the table.

This used to be called “Watchlist”, but the name change is welcome, since it differentiates it from the list of companies being observed under the Regulatory Actions.

#5 Multi-Lingual Content

The SGX website also has built-in support for multi-lingual content, with English and Chinese currently available, with plans to add support for more languages in future. This is a welcome feature, since there is a significant contingent of older Singaporean investors of the Pioneer Generation for whom English might not be their first language.

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Looking Forward To Continual Improvements On The SGX Website

The new SGX website reflects the exchange’s commitment to serve Singapore investors better through delivering a solid digital experience. SGX has committed to receiving user feedback and using it to guide their future developments.

As with all new software and user interfaces, longtime users may need a little time to get familiar with to the new layout. Those who want some help to orientate themselves to the new experience can refer to the FAQ.

Looking ahead, we can expect new features and content being rolled out, including tailored portals to serve specific needs, such as for issuers and new investors.

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