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Seedly Travel Insurance: Why It’s Important To Buy Travel Insurance For The Family Even For Short Holidays

Have a worry-free family holiday with Seedly Travel Insurance and enjoy free coverage for your kids

This article was written in collaboration with Seedly. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

Whether it’s carefully planned family holidays or spontaneous trips capitalising on last-minute travel deals, utilising our Singapore Passport for overseas travel has once again revived as a national pastime.

Planning a holiday (even short ones) requires time to come up with the best places to stay, eat, play, and shop. Some Singaporeans may also want to search for the best exchange rate to maximise what we get from our SGD.

Always Buy Travel Insurance For Overseas Holidays

While it’s fun to plan for a holiday, it can also be very stressful, especially when we consider all the many things that could possibly go wrong.

For instance, we may contract COVID-19 just before our travel, which might lead to a trip cancellation. Other possibilities are that we could lose our baggage, face a travel misconnection, or encounter a flight cancellation or postponement.

While it’s wise to exercise caution when we are overseas, unfortunate incidents beyond our control can still happen. These include falling ill, requiring medical attention due to an accident, or being a victim of a crime. Whether we are going on long or short holidays, buying travel insurance protects us against the financial losses that could result from these incidents. Seedly Travel Insurance helps provide coverage for our family holidays while children who are travelling with their parents enjoy free coverage as well.

Nonetheless, buying travel insurance isn’t a green light to behave in a reckless way.

Though we will be compensated by our travel insurance policy for any loss of personal money and personal documents, that doesn’t mean we should take a haphazard attitude by leaving our wallet or passport unattended in a public place. Similarly, just because our medical expenses will be covered when we are overseas doesn’t mean we should neglect our health or not adhere to good basic hygiene practices. Common sense should still prevail.

Travel With Peace Of Mind With Seedly Travel Insurance

Given that most of us would agree that travel insurance coverage is important for overseas trips, the question is how much we should be paying for it.

While we may want travel insurance coverage, we may not necessarily want to pay too much for it. After all, the point of travelling for a holiday is to have a good time and not expect something bad to happen.

To me, travel insurance is something that we buy so that we can have peace of mind when we travel.

To encourage Singaporeans to get travel insurance, our friends over at Seedly have recently launched Seedly Travel Insurance.

Underwritten by HL Assurance, Seedly Travel Insurance was designed from the ground up and took into consideration what users would want in a travel insurance plan. These include COVID-19 coverage (a must-have in my opinion), personal accident benefits for children, and all your travel essentials covered.

Since Seedly Travel Insurance was introduced with affordability in mind, we can expect the insurance premiums for their policies to be cheaper than what we would normally pay for travel insurance. The premiums we pay may be even cheaper than the cab ride you take to the airport.

For example, based on the current price, a 3-day trip to Bangkok would cost $19.91, while a 7-day trip to Japan would cost just $40.23. A longer 9-day trip to Europe will only set us back $60.29.

Seedly Travel Insurance offers two travel insurance plans that we can choose from.

The Seedly Travel Safe will be attractive for those who want to buy a travel insurance policy so that they can enjoy peace of mind at a low cost.

The Seedly Travel Secure might be preferred for those who want higher coverage from their travel insurance policy.

Covering Your Children During Overseas Holidays

As a father to three young girls, I will be the first to say that the safety of the entire family is the biggest priority for me whenever we travel. As such, travel insurance to cover the entire family is non-negotiable.

For parents who are travelling with their children, the good news is that Seedly Travel Insurance will automatically cover our children at no additional cost. The insurance also covers Child Support Grant and Child Companion Benefit in cases where the insured parent(s) meet a mishap.

To celebrate the launch of Seedly Travel Insurance, which coincides nicely with the start of the year-end holidays, Seedly has some amazing offers that will value-add to your overseas trips. From now till 31 December 2023, sign up to enjoy 50% off Seedly Travel Insurance, and receive a 3GB Airalo Travel eSim. Plus, you get a chance to win S$600 Klook Voucher (Equivalent to a Pair of Return Tickets to Bali) and a Samsonite Volant Spinner 68/25 EXP (worth S$480). You also get another 5% off your premium by applying the promo code ‘SeedlyCommunity‘.

If you need a travel insurance policy for your next overseas trip, you can get a direct quote at the Seedly Travel Insurance page. Based on the destinations and duration of your trip, Seedly will give you an immediate quote and you can purchase your travel insurance policies online immediately.