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Samsung Education Store: How Much Can Students Save On Samsung Devices

Annyeong to discounts and better grades

These days, students leverage consumer electronic devices to aid in their journey to academic success. Products such as tablets, laptops, smart watches, earphones and smartphones, have enabled students to be much more productive (if a tad distracted) and efficient at absorbing knowledge.

Some tech products however might be costly due to the economics of being a student – broke. Not to fret, young freshmen and seniors. If you love Samsung products for their built quality and beautiful screen panels, there is the Samsung Education Store.

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Verified Students Can Sign Up For The Samsung Education Store

Before getting excited, you must sign up for an account online. First, you have to be a part-time or full-time student/employee of valid educational institutions in Singapore with an email address ending with “”.

There is a two-step process to this. First, you have to create a Samsung account (Any email used will be fine). Afterwards, you will need to apply for the Samsung Education Store discount. You will need to verify by using your institution’s email address. After which,  you will have access to the education store.

Best Products To Buy From Samsung Education Store

You might wonder what “best” means. Well, if you took a gander at the education store, you will realise that it is a “multistore” rather than a dedicated education store. Any Samsung partner (corporate, institutions, employee) will be directed to the store.

Therefore, you will be able to see Samsung’s entire range of products, some of which might not apply to you or the discounts will not be added on. Here are some noteworthy devices, you can take home with you.

#1 Tablets

Most students nowadays are ditching the traditional paper and pen ways and moving onto digital tablets for their studying. Besides having amazing third-party apps, the tablet acts as a secondary computer to do heavier tasks such as AutoCAD or Premier Pro (though they are lesser versions than their PC counterparts)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G is a great tablet. Coming in at $1,249.2(256Gb), you get a whopping $138.8 off from the original price. For some, the Tab S8+ might be a tad over the budget, you can instead look for the S7 FE 5G. Although being the previous gen model, the S7 FE still packs a punch with its internals at an even lower price of $898.2 ($998).

#2 Earphones

It does not matter if you are working out or need to listen in to your jam in the library, the Samsung Education Store have discounts on earphones too.

The all-new Galaxy Buds 2 is now going for $186 ($248) and the Buds Pro at $231 ($308). Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro has no discount at the time of writing.

#3 Smartphones

No-contract plans are all the rage these days, especially for students who can improve their monthly cash flow by going for a SIM-only plan. Here is an option: Get a phone that comes separately from the SIM plan. The new Galaxy S22Ultra 5G (128Gb) has a $171.8 discount, going from $1,718 to $1,546.2.

#4 Smartwatch

No exam hall is complete without a couple of students being asked to remove their smartwatches from their wrists, just right before the examinations. Smartwatches have become commonplace in our lives which adds to the plethora of conveniences we already have. The Samsung store knows this and adds discounts to their popular Galaxy Watch4 range. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) has a 15% discount, bringing its price down from $548 to $465.8.

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Compare Samsung Education Store With Retail Prices Before Buying

As mentioned previously, the education store is placed in a multistore and therefore prices might differ. At times, the retail pricing has specific promotions or sales that have prices lower than the education store itself.

Another thing to point out, the education store (being multistore) has all the products Samsung has to offer. This might confuse some and you would have to check carefully if there is a discount on the selected product. Followed by comparing it to the commercial store.

Despite this, there are benefits to purchasing from the education store. Certain products have gifts, and you can trade in your old devices to further reduce the prices of a new product. You can also purchase items such as home appliances and memory/storage products from the education store, which have discounts too.

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