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Price Guide To Confinement Food Delivery Services In Singapore

Having confinement meals delivered to homes is a convenient option for new mums who are not hiring confinement nannies.

For mothers who have just delivered their baby, the first 30 days are said to be a crucial time for recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. This postnatal recuperation includes lots of rest and a focus on a nutritious diet and specific foods to aid in postpartum care and breastmilk production. Home-cooked meals are usually encouraged.

For families without a confinement nanny or someone to cook and prepare these confinement meals, there are many confinement food delivery caterers that are available in Singapore who deliver right to your doorstep.

Things To Look Out For In A Confinement Food Delivery Caterer

Length of package: If you are considering a confinement meal delivery service, be prepared to set aside at least $1,600 for a 28-day service that includes lunch and dinner. There are shorter packages too, such as 7 days, 14 day and 21 days, and it is also possible to opt for a single meal a day rather than two meals daily.

Menu: A typical confinement meal consists of one meat or fish dish, one vegetable dish, one soup, and a portion of white rice, brown rice or noodles. Some companies even include a complimentary drink with each meal, such as longan tea with red dates, while others even allow mothers to customise their menu. Some of the nourishing confinement dishes that these companies whip up include Ginseng Black Chicken Tonic Soup, Pig’s Trotters with Vinegar, Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken, Red Fermented Wine Chicken and so on. Dishes vary according to each company and it is best to check their respective websites for details on the menu that they offer.

Delivery method: The companies ensure that meals are delivered warm, so some of them use thermal containers or tingkats.

Trial meals and promotions: Many confinement meal delivery services offer a trial meal before signing up for a package. A few of these companies even offer special promotions such as free lactation cookies, vouchers, discounts and more.

Option for additional pax: If you have another family member who needs meals to be catered for, some caterers offer an option to include an additional bento box.

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Confinement Meal Caterers

The table below lists prices of 28-day meal packages from the various confinement meal caterers, and if they offer trial meals or allow for an additional pax.

Confinement Food Delivery Caterers Highlights Cost of 28-day package (single or double meals) Trial meal? Option for additional pax?
Chilli Padi Confinement Every meal includes Longan Tea with Red Dates. $888 (single)
$1,688 (double)
$30 for one meal No
Happy Mummy Offers a standard package and a premium package. Premium customers are able to customise their menus if they wish to. Standard: $888 (single), $1,598 (double)
Premium: $1,188 (single), $2,198 (double)
$35 for one meal Yes, there is an option to add 2-6 pax. For an additional 2 pax 20-day package, it costs $210 for dinner only or $420 for lunch and dinner.
Madam Kim They have over 70 dishes on rotation. $928 (single)
$1,808 (double)
$38 for one meal Yes, price upon request.
Mama J’s Confinement Food Meals can be customised according to taste preferences. $1,050 (30-day single meal package)
$1,788 (30-day double meal package)
$32 for one meal No
NannySOS Meals are placed in microwavable disposable trays. Tingkats options are currently not available. $840 (single)
$1,680 (double)
$35 for one meal TBC (in the midst of changing catering partner)
Noor Confinement Halal confinement food with a mix of fusion cuisine. $1,350 (30 days lunch only with upsized mains)
$2,100 (30 days, lunch and dinner)
$35 for one meal Yes, $15 per meal per pax.
NouRiche Offers vegetarian confinement meal package. $898 (single), $1,688 (double)
Vegetarian: $1,138 (single), $2,158 (double)
$35 (or $45 for vegetarian) for one meal. Available on Saturdays only. Yes. $245 per pax (single meal) or $476 (double meal)
Thomson Medical Confinement Food Home Delivery Meals are created by Thomson Medical’s in-house team of experts in nutrition. It also offers a special Resepi Ibunda menu for Muslim mothers. Traditional Chinese: $1,170 (single), $1,980 (double)
Resepi Ibunda: $1,088 (single), $1,688 (double)
Traditional Chinese: $68 for one meal with bonus dish of either Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar or Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus and Cordycep Flower.
Resepi Ibunda: $58 for one meal.
Yes. Traditional Chinese: $38.70 for 3-day bento lunch box or $64.50 for 5-day lunch box.
Tian Wei Signature Wide range of dishes, with 16 unique staple dishes, 49 different meat dishes and 42 varieties of vegetable dishes. $898 (single)
$1,688 (double)
$35 (normal) for one meal OR $40 (signature) for one meal. Yes. $10 per meal per pax.
Ummu Fazwill 100% Muslim-owned company with a team of passionate cooks who are also mums. $1,450 for 30 days (double) No No
Yan Menus include desserts, such as Sweet Black Sesame with Glutinous Rice Ball, Sweet Purple Potato Cream with Gingko, and so on. $888 (single), $1,688 (double) $35 for one meal (weekdays only) No
Yue Zi Le In addition to traditional confinement dishes, they also offer international fusion confinement dishes. Dessert soup is included on selected days. $888 (single), $1,688 (double), $2,388 (premium, includes daily bird’s nest soup) $38 for one meal $18 per pax per meal


With so many confinement meal delivery services in the market, you may be spoiled for choice, especially when all of them are offering enticing menus with a wide variety of dishes. If the price of a 28-day package is beyond your budget and you still wish to enjoy the benefits of a nourishing meal, the 7-day and 14-day package options might be friendlier on the wallet and you can save the rest of the money for other baby necessities.