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This Policy Allows You to Change your Travel Dates for ANY Reason

Can’t travel due to last minute changes? Here’s what you can do.


Have you ever booked a holiday only to realise that you cannot make it and is not eligible for the insurance claim? Or have you ever lost a winter sports equipment only to realise that you are not insured? Such situations are typically not insured under the standard travel insurance. However, with Aviva’s new riders and coverage, you will be able to make claims in such cases.

Here are some additional features that Aviva provides:

#1 Cancellation/Change of Travel Plans

Have to change your travel dates due to various reasons? Be it sudden work commitments or a change of mind, do not fret. With Aviva’s new feature, you will be provided with a 50% reimbursement for such a claim.

#2 Coverage for Novel Reasons

Going for a sports holiday? Most insurance plans do not insure against winter sports such as skiing. Aviva has introduced new riders so as to better cater to consumers’ travel needs by providing coverage for winter sports (e.g. skiing), water sports (e.g. diving), and golf vacations.

Here is a list of winter sports that are covered by the additional rider:

Here is a list of water sports that are covered by the additional rider:

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How about going for destination weddings and overseas photo shoots with your fiancé or fiancée? Aviva has got it all covered with their new rider. Not only does it cover your financial loss in the event that your wedding service providers become insolvent, it also covers personal liability for injury to guests or damage to property, as well as loss of items such as wedding attire, accessories and marriage certificate, amongst others.

#3 Digital Partnership with RYDE

Aviva has also teamed up with RYDE (Singapore’s No.1 Carpooling app) to offer direct purchase of the travel insurance through the RYDE app. By purchasing Aviva’s travel insurance through the app, RYDE members can enjoy a 10% discount on their travel insurance premium. For existing Aviva customers, this discount goes up to 30% as part of their ongoing initiative to reward existing customers.

Besides this, RYDE members are assured of full coverage during their journey to and from the airport.

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