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November 2021 HDB BTO Sales Launch: Location Guide – Central, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Jurong West, Kallang/Whampoa, Tengah

The first BTO project under the Prime Location Public Housing model.

The November 2021 BTO sales launch is open from 17 November to 23 November 2021, 11.59 pm.

This year’s November Built-To-Order (BTO) sales launch is a highly anticipated one. Not only is it the final BTO launch of the year, but it also marks the launch of a BTO project in a Central location – Rochor.

As more public housing projects are being built (including those in prime locations), there was increasing concern that those located in prime locations would create a “lottery effect” as flat buyers in these locations will stand to make a huge windfall upon selling their flat after MOP. To address this issue, the Ministry of National Development (MND) will be implementing the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model for the first time in this November launch.

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Central (River Peaks I & II – 960 Units Of 3-Room And 4-Room)

By this time, it is very clear that the first PLH model will be this Rochor project in the Central area. Located directly above Jalan Besar MRT Station, there would be a total of 960 units of 3-room and 4-room flats split across two land plots and 40 units of 2-room rental flats that are not for sale. For more information on the limitations and restrictions of PLH flats, you can refer to our article – Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) Model: 8 Things To Know About The Regulations For New HDB Flats Built In Prime Location.

The intention of PLH is to encourage flat buyers to only ballot and purchase these flats for own-stay purposes instead of anticipating a windfall. Still, it is likely even with a 10-year MOP, these flats are likely to be oversubscribed in the balloting process.

Amenities and Accessibility: The location for this site is undeniably prime, being right next to Sim Lim Tower and on top of the Jalan Besar MRT Station. It is also within walking distance from Bugis MRT Station. While most central locations suffer from a lack of schooling options, this site is right next to Stamford Primary School, on top of being located near the hub of many art schools like NAFA and LaSalle. We won’t need to elaborate about the amenities being located so close to the major retail and commercial hub of Bugis.

Affordability: These flats would receive additional subsidies to maintain their affordability. However, under the PLH, BTO buyers would be subject to subsidy recovery when they sell their flats. This is set at 6% of the higher of either the resale price or valuation for River Peaks I & II.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range

River Peaks I & II

3-room 280 $409,000 – $474,000
4-room 680 $582,000 – $688,000


Estimated completion: 2Q2028, 71 months waiting time.

Ballot for this: This is the first PLH as well as a rare Central location BTO launch. While the prime location, amenities and accessibility would make this a stellar option for many people, the 10-year MOP and other PLH restrictions may cool the fervour for this launch. Be prepared for a long-term commitment if you decide to ballot for this. Do note that there is a lowered allocation for Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) for PLHs. The MCPS quotas for these projects are up to 20% for first-timer families, and up to 2% for second-timer families.

While much attention will be paid to the Rochor project as the first PLH model, the rest of the November BTO launch projects all have their merits so let’s delve straight into them.

Choa Chu Kang (Heart of Yew Tee – 68 Units Of 2-Room Flexi)

The smallest project in this launch, this Choa Chu Kang BTO project has only 68 units of 2-room Flexi situationed right in the heart of Yew Tee. It is located right next to Yew Tee MRT as well as Yew Tee Square. This project will also be integrated with a Polyclinic, Kidney Dialysis Centre, Hawker Centre and Community Club.

Based on the proposed integration, this project is likely to be targeted at seniors with integrated facilities to facilitate eldercare and assisted living. While HDB has not indicated that this development would fall under the Community Care Apartments model, the seniors who purchase the flats here would enjoy the convenience of many senior-friendly facilities and services nearby.

As this location has a very limited number of flats, it may be possible that the project may be a seniors-only project, similar to the Golden Jasmine project in Bishan in 2016. Singles will have to await the launch details to confirm that they are eligible to purchase the flats in this location.

Update: As expected, this project is only available for seniors (aged 55 and above) only on short leases between 15 and 45 years (in 5-year increments).

Amenities and Accessibility: This project is located right in Yew Tee Central. While Yew Tee is objectively far from the city centre, residents in this project will have pretty much every amenity needed to not go out of Yew Tee unless they desire to. The MRT and mall is right next to the project while there’s a green space – Yew Tee Park – right across the road. The community club, neighbourhood police centre and sports centre are also within walking distance. While not really applicable for buyers of 2-room Flexi flats – singles and seniors, the area also has plentiful schooling options.

Affordability: The pricing for non-mature estates tends to be affordable and 2-room Flexi flats are the most affordable housing option available for BTO buyers which could make this project one of the most affordable HDB launches this year.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range
Heart of Yew Tee 2-Room Flexi (Type 1) 22 $72,000 – $78,000
2-Room Flexi (Type 2) 46 $86,000 – $98,000


Estimated completion: 3Q2026, 52 months waiting time.

Ballot for this: This project is perfect for seniors who don’t mind living in a westside town. With all the amenities around, it is entirely possible to not need to go beyond Yew Tee for your daily activities.

Hougang (Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang – 300 Units Of 4-Room And 5-Room and Hougang Olive – 390 Units Of 4-Room And 5-Room)

Another non-mature estate (that is fairly established), Hougang is back as two of the BTO locations in this launch. As we recently wrote in Why Hougang Is No Longer The Backwater Of Singapore, Hougang is a town that may see a revival of interest, especially with the new BTO launches.

As these two projects are just next to each other and have the same mix of flat types, we would discuss them collectively in terms of amenities and accessibility. Both projects are located in the same area as the August launch of Hougang Citrine, so much of the same analysis applies.

Amenities and Accessibility: The area is relatively far from the Hougang and Kovan town centres, though the presence of the neighbourhood centre means that amenities are not too far away. The proximity to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ and the employment opportunities of the Defu industrial estate and Paya Lebar Air Base also weigh in its favour. Additionally, the proposed Health & Medical Care facility located in between the two projects will also add another amenity to the area.

Accessibility by public transport is not the best, with Bartley MRT being 20 mins away by bus or on foot, despite being the closest in distance. Thankfully, it is only 10 mins away with 3 direct buses to Hougang MRT. Depending on the bus routes originating from the future Bus Depot, there may be improvements to the accessibility of the area.

Affordability: The pricing for non-mature estates tends to be affordable.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range
Hougang Olive 4-room 206 $308,000 – $377,000
5-room 184 $416,000 – $488,000
Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang 4-room 172 $318,000 – $389,000
5-room 128 $419,000 – $495,000


Estimated completion: 1Q2025, 33 months waiting time for Hougang Olive. 2Q2026, 47 months waiting time for Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang.

Ballot for this: If you are working in the nearby industrial estates or at the Paya Lebar Air Base. Parents with children may also want to consider this location due to the proximity to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School. Larger families who want to stay in a relatively established estate will want to consider the 5-room flats here.

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Jurong West (Nanyang Opal – 221 Units of 3-Room And 4-Room)

Another option for westies, this Jurong West project is more suitable for young families with 3-room and 4-room flats available. While living in Jurong West may sound like the end of the world for Easties, it is actually very convenient for those who have a child studying in NTU. Westies will also be familiar with the many hidden hawker food options which makes living in Jurong West very palatable for some.

Amenities and Accessibility: The nearest MRT to this site is Pioneer MRT Station, which is also the nearest MRT to NTU. In terms of accessibility, this site mainly served by bus routes, and drivers would have quick access to the PIE. While the site isn’t located directly next to the Jurong West Town Centre, it is just a short bus ride to Pioneer Mall, Jurong West Hawker Centre and even to Jurong Point or SAFRA (Jurong).

The immediate amenities of the site would be a neighbourhood centre, a proposed health and medical care facility, proposed civic and community institution, Nanyang Community Club and NTUC Health Nursing Home (Jurong West). Families with children would also have their choice of being within the 1-km intake zones of Xingnan Primary School and Juying Primary School while older children studying at Juying Secondary School would be a stones’ throw away from home.

The most appealing point of this site is likely to be its proximity to Yunnan Garden which is possibly ones of the most underrated parks in Singapore, boosting of a picturesque waterfall and the scenic beauty of a Chinese garden. Additionally, the Jurong West Sport Centre is just a short walk away for sports enthusiasts while the devout will have their pick of a Chinese temple, church and a future proposed place of worship.

Affordability: The pricing for non-mature estates tends to be affordable.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range
Nanyang Opal 3-room 91 $173,000 – $229,000
4-room 130 $264,000 – $321,000


Estimated completion: 4Q2025, 42 months waiting time.

Ballot for this: If you work or study at NTU, love the scenic beauty of Yunnan Garden or are a die-hard Westie. Families with children or elders would both be pleased with the access to schools and elder care facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Kallang/Whampoa (Kent Heights – 430 Units Of 2-Room Flexi And 4-Room)

A city fringe mature estate, Kallang/Whampoa is a great location who want to be near the city centre without stepping to the territory (and prices) of prime central locations.

This site is located right next to the CTE and almost equidistant between Farrer Park MRT Station and Novena MRT Station. However, residents will mostly head to Farrer Park MRT Station, instead of trying to cross the CTE to head towards Novena.

Amenities and Accessibility: In terms of immediate amenities, there is only the neighbourhood centre, which includes Pek Kio Market and Food Centre and FairPrice supermarket. Residents would also be able to head down in the direction of Farrer Park and be spoilt for choice with City Square Mall, Centrium Square and Mustafa Centre for all their retail needs. Being located in the city fringe, drivers would only take 10 mins to reach the CBD.

Affordability: Mature estates tend to be on the pricey end for BTO flats.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range
Kent Heights 2-Room Flexi (Type 1) 30 $192,000 – $241,000
2-Room Flexi (Type 2) 124 $247,000 – $309,000
4-room 276 $511,000 – $660,000


Estimated completion: 4Q2026, 54 months waiting time.

Ballot for this: If you have been waiting for a city fringe BTO for the longest time and missed out on the previous BTO launches. Younger couples will enjoy the short commute to CBD and the proximity to town. The offering of 2-room Flexi in this location would also appeal to singles who want to live near town while young couples can tap on the Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) and Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS) to increase their ballot chances.

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Tengah (Parc Glen @ Tengah – 1,008 Units Of 2-Room Flexi, 3-Room, 4-Room And 5-Room And Parc Clover @ Tengah – 1,124 Units Of 2-Room Flexi, 3-Room, 4-Room And 5-Room)


The 2 largest projects in this November BTO launch, Tengah has the lion’s share of the flats offered at 1,008 and 1,124 units, spanning the whole range of flat types from 2-room Flexi to 5-room flats. This continues the stream of BTO offerings in Tengah which is slated to be next new HDB town.

As these two projects are just next to each other and have the same mix of flat types, we would discuss them collectively in terms of amenities and accessibility. As Tengah is a new town, much of the amenities have yet to be developed and would only be constructed alongside the new BTO flats.

Amenities and Accessibility: One slight advantage is that these two sites are slightly nearer to Bukit Batok and may benefit from the more established amenities in the neighbouring town, such as Dunearn Secondary School. In terms of immediate amenities, there would be an integrated neighbourhood centre with a polyclinic which would serve much of the residents’ needs. The Bus Interchange when completed would also add accessibility to the area, as would the completion of Tengah Plantation MRT of the Jurong Region Line (JRL).

An appealing feature of Tengah is that its design as a green living town and this can be seen in the proposed parks/ forest fringe that would line one side of the two sites, potentially making Tengah one of the best places to live with nature just out your window.

Affordability: The pricing for non-mature estates tends to be affordable.

Estate Unit Type Number of Units Estimated Price Range
Parc Glen @ Tengah 2-Room Flexi (Type 1) 48 $120,000 – $157,000
2-Room Flexi (Type 2) 156 $144,000 – $190,000
3-room 96 $194,000 – $253,000
4-room 400 $319,000 – $390,000
5-room 308 $436,000 – $519,000
Parc Clover @ Tengah 2-Room Flexi (Type 1) 52 $119,000 – $139,000
2-Room Flexi (Type 2) 153 $142,000 – $170,000
3-room 102 $215,000 – $257,000
4-room 472 $312,000 – $380,000
5-room 345 $428,000 – $500,000


Estimated completion: 4Q2024, 29 months waiting time for Parc Glen @ Tengah. 4Q2024, 30 months waiting time for Parc Clover @ Tengah

Ballot for this: If you believe in the potential of Tengah to be the next Punggol, the potential appreciation or a lover of green spaces. While the prices are likely to be highly affordable, the initial years of developing Tengah may be tough for early residents.  The inclusion of 2-room Flexi also means that young couples can tap on the Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) and Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS) to increase their ballot chances.

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