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November 2020 HDB BTO Sales Launch: Location Guide – Sembawang, Tengah, Bishan, Tampines, Toa Payoh (Bidadari)

North, Central, East and West. This BTO launch has them all.

Applications for the November 2020 BTO Launch is now open until 23 November 2020. May your ballot be successful. This article was originally published on 3 November 2020 and updated with the latest information. 

With North, Central, East and West areas all covered, the November 2020 HBD BTO sales launch looks to be a crowd-pleaser in many ways.

While this is not a bumper crop of 7,820 units as that launched in August 2020, the November 2020 launch is nothing to be sniffed at with 5,770 units across 5 projects (2 in non-mature estates and 3 in mature estates) in Sembawang, Tengah, Bishan, Tampines and Toa Payoh (Bidadari). With attractive mature estates featured in this launch and locations spread across the island, applicants are spoilt for choice.

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Here’s our review and location guide to the November 2020 HDB BTO sales launch. Let’s have a look at the mature estates first.

#1 Bishan Ridges – Bishan – 1,502 units (2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room)

Those who missed out during the August 2020 BTO launch for a unit in Bishan will have another chance this round. And dare I say, this launch is even bigger and better than the previous launch. The third BTO launch in Bishan after Bishan Towers in August 2020 and Golden Jasmine in 2006, this project is our star pick of this BTO launch.

Situated along Bishan Street 13 and Bishan Street 14 and bounded by the Kallang River, Bishan Ridges is located near the prime Bishan Central area. A 5-mins walk from Bishan MRT station (about 500m away), the project is right next to MOE Language Centre and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary and Primary School. The proximity to the Central Expressway (CTE) is also a boon for drivers who can reach the Central Business District (CBD) with 20 minutes.

Located right behind Sky Habitat and Sky Vue which are 99-year leasehold condominiums with an average psf of more than $1,500, this project is not lacking in condo-like amenities with Bishan Stadium, Bishan Sports Hall and Bishan Swimming Complex just a stone’s throw away. Surrounded by the Kallang River and Kallang Park Connector on two sides, this project will also please those who value greenery while the green border will also cut down noise from the CTE.

As expected for a mature estate, the largest unit for selection is a 4-room. The availability of 2-room flexi also makes it an interesting choice for eligible seniors. Unfortunately for singles, the 2-room flexi units in this development are reserved for seniors above the age of 55 on short leases of between 15 and 45 years, in five-year increments. Couples who want to increase their ballot chances can also apply using the Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) and Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS).

Located in an established estate, the project has easy access to facilities, with Junction 8 and Bishan Central nearby, and close proximity to prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls’ School, Raffles Junior College and Catholic High School.

Additionally, the Bishan Sub-Regional Centre (SRC) is slated for development right in front of the project and will be transformed into an attractive and easily accessible employment node. The former plot of empty grassland is zoned for commercial development and integrated community facilities.

With new commercial developments, established amenities and close proximity to schools, We predict that our star pick will be highly subscribed, so choose your ballot wisely. Our star pick for the August 2020 HDB BTO sales launch: Geylang (Dakota One) was 14.8x oversubscribed for first-timers and 106.0x oversubscribed for second-timers applying for a 4-room. If location is of the essence to you, consider balloting for a 3-room instead.

#2 Tampines GreenEmerald – Tampines – 750 units (2-room Flexi, 4-room, 5-room)

For those who like to stay in the East, this project is a second chance if you missed out on the August 2020 GreenOpal BTO project which will be right next door. The recent BTOs offered in Tampines have been located further away from Tampines Central and this project is no exception. The key draw of this project is its close proximity to Bedok Reservoir while being well-connected via the Pan-Island Expressway and Downtown Line as it is situated in between Tampines West MRT and Bedok Reservoir MRT.

Bordered by Bedok Park Connector, Bedok Canal and new parks, and a short walk from Bedok Reservoir, this project is an oasis of greenery on the outskirts of the bustling Tampines Central. In terms of amenities, it would be well-serviced with a new health and medical centre and civic & community institution (most likely a community centre) in the immediate vicinity and Safra Clubhouse (Tampines) and Changi General Hospital a short distance away.

While it appears to pale in comparison to the other two mature estate offerings in this launch, the Tampines project does have its charm and would appeal to nature lovers who want to be close to nature while not being too far from amenities of a town centre. The larger units offered (4-room and 5-room) and the availability of 2-room flexi also makes this a good choice for larger families and singles, as well as those who intend to apply for Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS). Given the attention on the Bishan and Bidadari projects in this launch, those who wish to stay in a mature estate (in larger units that are likely more affordably priced) may wish to consider Tampines strongly.

#3 Bartley Beacon and ParkView @ Bidadari – Toa Payoh (Bidadari) – 1,238 units (3-room, 4-room, 5-room)

In any other BTO launch, the Toa Payoh (Bidadari) projects would have been the highlight but they had their thunder stolen by the prime Bishan project. The Toa Payoh (Bidadari) project has 2 sites: one nearer to Woodleigh MRT and one right next to Bartley. For families with young children, looking to stay near primary schools, this is the project that you should have your eyes on.

ParkView @ Bidadari, near Woodleigh MRT, beside Alkaff Lake (350 units, 3-room and 4-room)

A relatively small project at 350 units, this site has the potential condominium feel with Alkaff Lake right next door. Situated opposite the proliferation of condominiums near Woodleigh MRT (Northeast Line), this site has the enviable position of being right next to Alkaff Lake which will be developed as part of the 10-hectare Bidadari Park.

Even more compelling for parents or would-be parents, this site is just a stone’s throw away from Cedar Primary and the new MOE Kindergarten (MK@Cedar). It is also within the 1 km intake zone from Maris Stella.

Bartley Beacon, next to Bartley MRT (880 units, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room)

A larger offering at 880 units, this site is literally at the doorstep of Bartley MRT (Circle Line), offering unparalleled convenience to commuters.

Again, the key draw here is the proximity to schools with Maris Stella High School (both primary and secondary) right next door. It is also within the 1 km intake zone for Cedar Primary and possibly MK@Cedar.

Considered Rest of Central Region, Bidadari has easy access to the city and the downtown core. However, one potential drawback is the proximity to Mount Vernon Funeral Parlour which is in between both sites. Potential buyers may want to scrutinise the flat-facing before committing to a purchase (assuming you successfully win the ballot).

While deemed as a mature estate, Bidadari does not have the established amenities as the other two matures estates (Bishan and Tampines) where the town centres are bustling with malls and commercial activities. However, the estate is under massive development and the upcoming Woodleigh Mall will bring a much-needed commercial boost to the area. Residents can also head to NEX mall at Serangoon MRT, one station away.

A draw for families with young children or aspiring parents being part of the 1 km intake zone for two primary schools, this project will be highly sought-after.

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After looking at the mature estates, let’s move on to the non-mature estates.

#4 Sun Sails – Sembawang – 726 units (2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room)

A non-mature estate but most of the amenities of a mature estate is how I would characterise the Sembawang project. Located between Sembawang MRT and Canberra MRT, the project is well served by the North-South Line.

Amenities-wise, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Sun Plaza are both nearby. The project is near to Sembawang Town Centre with a library, community club and neighbourhood police centre. The upcoming Bukit Canberra (Sembawang Sports and Community Hub) will also bring more sporting activities to future residents. Families with young children and aspiring parents can also look to Sembawang Primary and the new MOE Kindergarten (MK@Sembawang) for their schooling needs.

With 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room units all available, this is a solid BTO offering in a non-mature yet established estate in the North.

#5 Garden Court @ Tengah and Garden Terrace @ Tengah – Tengah – 1,579 units (2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room)

The largest project offered in this launch; Tengah is the newest kid on the block being the latest new town created. As seen from the map, pretty much everything is still in development. This project is split into 2 adjacent sites separated by a greenspace.

Situated between the future Hong Kah MRT and Tengah Plantation MRT, this project will have convenient access to the Jurong Regional Line which is expected to be completed around 2028.

Future Tengah residents can look forward to new developments (and potential capital appreciation) within Tengah, as well as benefit from the spillover development from Jurong, including Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District.

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Here are the location maps and pricing info condensed into bite sizes

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