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7 “Necessities” That The True Kiasu Singaporean Should Stock Up On In An Emergency, But Are Not Doing So

Toilet rolls, instant noodles, and rice? These are what you should be stocking up on instead.

When Singapore declared DORSCON Orange, the sudden scarcity of toilet rolls, instant noodles, and rice because of Singaporeans’ panic-buying sprees made headlines. Some shamed the hoarders for their kiasu-ness, while others questioned the significance of stockpiling such commodities.

After all, what nutritional benefits do these canned goods have, and how long can they last you?

In an emergency, you’ll also probably need more than just basic sustenance to keep you going. If you’re going to prepare for an indefinite nationwide lockdown, here are 7 “necessities” which we feel Singaporeans should stock up on instead.

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#1 Batteries

In an event when the whole country is on lockdown, there is a high probability that electricity might be cut off. When that happens, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you have your trusty batteries to tide you through the expected moments of darkness.

Use it for flashlights, remotes, or even your game controllers. You can always do with a spot of entertainment especially if you’re stuck at home and unable to go out.

#2 Supplements and Vitamins

If access to fresh fruit and vegetables are cut off, supplements are what you can rely on for that added nourishment and nutrition.

These minerals and vitamins are what is needed to help our body regulate and heal itself. For example, magnesium, commonly found in green, leafy vegetables and legumes are good for regulating several processes in your body, such as your muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and enzymatic processes.

Supplements are thus an easy alternative to supplying the nutrients you need in your body.

No oranges for vitamin C? Substitute it with Vitamin C tablets. Can’t panfry your favourite salmon fillet, or eat your beloved sashimi for an added Omega 3 boost? Get your hands on fish oil soft gels and pills.

#3 Biscuits And Crackers

Biscuits and crackers not only bulk up your snacks, but they are also a versatile option you can pair with almost anything you have. Since they are dry and usually individually wrapped, crackers are easily kept and have a long shelf-life.

On top of that, biscuits and crackers come in a wide variety of flavour profiles and categories. You can have the popular and assorted Khong Guan that comes in large, shoebox-sized biscuit tins, healthier options such as digestive biscuits or even sweet, “cookie”-like graham crackers.

Never have your options been so varied and diverse when it comes to a type of food. This makes it the perfect item to stock up on so you’ll never have to experience feeling restricted or limited even in a nation-wide lockdown.

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#4 Dried Food

Needless to say, dried food like nuts and dried fruits are something you can easily keep and snack on.

But dried food doesn’t just consist of fruits and nuts. You have the option of mushrooms, goji berries, scallops, seaweed, pork floss, pasta, shrimps and more.

The list is endless and as long as your budget allows for it, these dried food options can be readily and easily added to your meals in the event of an emergency. A much better and versatile option than instant noodles, which can only be eaten in one style.

#5 Solid Fuel

Solid fuel, otherwise known as solid propellant, are usually associated with camping in the great outdoors. These burners are easy to keep and handle compared to their liquid counterparts. Solid fuel also has a higher energy density, which means that a little of it goes a longer way than other types of fuel.

In the event of an emergency, they make great portable and alternative stoves in case there isn’t a gas supply in your house.

#6 Alcohol

Cleanliness and staying sanitised in a virus outbreak is a key priority. One way to disinfect and sanitise an area is to use alcohol. In liquor, the percentage of alcohol contained shows how well it can disinfect. The higher the percentage of alcohol contained, the better it will disinfect.

At the same time, nothing beats the dual function that liquor holds–– it can be something of practical use, and something you can enjoy in desperate times. Misery loves (liquid) company.

Of course, liquor cannot replace or have the same effectiveness as medical-grade rubbing alcohol for small wounds or even hydrogen peroxide, which is sometimes used as an antiseptic for larger wounds.

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#7 Medical Supplies

Off-the-counter medication and basic supplies such as plasters and bandages can prove to be useful. In case of minor injuries sustained during an emergency, these medical supplies can go a long way if you cannot access professional medical services immediately.