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Looking To Book Your Holidays For 2019? Here’s The Best Way To Maximise Your Savings (On Top Of All Your Credit Card Perks)

Promotion ends 31 March 2019.

This article was written in collaboration with ShopBack. All views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of

In the blink of an eye, the first quarter of 2019 is about to conclude. Fortunately for us, there are still 9 more long weekends to look forward to in the year (with strategic use of annual leave).

If you have not completed your holiday bookings for the year, here’s why you should take advantage of one of the best cashback promotions happening from now till 31 March 2019.

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ShopBack’s Get That Flight Out – March Madness Campaign

As you probably know, ShopBack is a cashback website that rewards you with additional cashback for your online spending – on top of any credit card rewards and cashback you receive from your bank.

ShopBack’s March Madness Campaign takes the rewards one step further. For this limited-time campaign, you’ll earn up to double the cashback for various aspects of your holiday, including flights, hotels, accommodation, transport, activities, experiences, insurance and holiday apparel.

The best part is that ShopBack has partnered with vendors you’re likely to already be using, such as Expedia, Agoda,, Airbnb and Singapore Airlines.

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Here’s How Much You Can Save With ShopBack’s Travel Deals

To illustrate how much you could be earning in cashback, we’ll use a 7-day holiday to Japan for two people in June 2019. We’ll apply the actual travel deals that ShopBack has this week.


ShopBack is offering 1.0% Double Cashback (previously 0.5%) for bookings on Singapore Airlines. Promotion is ongoing till 8am on 1 April 2019.

Booking a flight for 2 on Singapore Airlines to Tokyo, Japan in June 2019
Estimated Original Spending $1,400
Cashback Saving* (1%) $14
After Cashback Spending $1,386

 *Cashback is awarded based on base fares only, excludes taxes, fees and service charges.


When you use ShopBack to book on Expedia, you get 9% Upsized Cashback for hotels (previously 6%). Promotion available from 29 to 31 March 2019.

Booking through at selected properties can get you up to 11% Cashback with code RTRAVEL12 (previously 4%). Promotion available from 29 to 31 March 2019.

Alternatively, you can also book through travel sites such as and to get even more cashback. Book on to get up to 12% Double Cashback (previously 6%) from 27-28 March 2019 or book on to get up to 8% Upsized Cashback (previously <6%) from 26-29 March.

Booking a 4-star hotel through Expedia in Tokyo for 6 nights
Estimated Original Spending $1,100
Cashback Saving* (9%) $99
After Cashback Spending $1,001

*Cashback is not qualified for cancellation, no shows and changes to bookings.

Other Accommodation Options

For the budget travellers who prefer to stay in hostels, ShopBack has also partnered Hostelworld to give you 50% Double Cashback on your deposit paid (previously 25%). Promotion from 27 March 2019 till 7 April 2019.

And if you’re a traveller who prefers a home away from home, ShopBack  is offering new Airbnb customers an exclusive $15 Upsized Cashback with a minimum spending of $125.


Renting a car overseas is very common, particularly in large countries such as Japan, Australia and USA. ShopBack has partnered with to give users upsized cashback this week. Promotion: 26 March – 10.5% Upsized cashback (previously 6%); 27-28 March – 12% Double cashback (previously 6%); 29-31 March – 8% upsized cashback (previously 6%)

Booking a basic sedan on for 7 days
Estimated Original Spending $430
Cashback Saving (12%) $51.60
After Cashback Spending $378.40


Visiting scenic locations, historical temples, theme parks are some of the many activities that can be done during your holiday. Be it booking day-tours, admission passes or subway tickets, sites like Klook and Kkday provide great deals on their site for travellers.

Booking activities on Klook and Kkday
Estimated Original Spending $600
Cashback Saving (3.5%) $21
After Cashback Spending $579

Besides earning cashback on your activities and experiences, Shopback has other promotions such as $35 off a minimum of $400 spent on Klook with promo code KLOOKGSS35 + up to 3.5% cashback.


Insurance is a necessary purchase for any holiday. Should an unfortunate event happen during your overseas travel, you want to be protected. Some of the situations covered by travel insurance include flight delays, flight cancellations, medical expenses, lost luggage, stolen personal belongings and more.

Buying travel insurance from Allianz covering 7 days for 2 people
Estimated Original Spending $170
Cashback Saving (8%) $13.60
After Cashback Spending $156.40

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Total Savings

Here’s how much you can potentially save from cashback by booking through ShopBack this promotional period.

Category Original Spending Savings From ShopBack’s March Madness Final Spending
Flights $1,400 $14 $1,386
Accommodation $1,100 $99 $1,001
Transport $430 $51.60 $378.40
Activities / Experience $600 $21 $579
Insurance $170 $13.60 $156.40
Total $3,700 $199.20 $3,500.80

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How To Get In On This Deal?

The deals shared above are not the only promotions ShopBack is offering. Check out the full list of promotions under March Madness promotion on ShopBack here.

Remember that to earn cashback from ShopBack, you need to purchase from merchant’s website by following links on ShopBack. Cashback earned will be credited into your account a few days after your successful booking.

On top of your guaranteed cashback, buy anything from this page by 31 March and stand a chance to win $5,000 bonus cashback.

Time is short, so gather your travel squad and start booking and saving today!