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4 Manageable Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today To Save At Least $200 Every Month

Give yourself a $200 raise in 2019 by following these simple steps.

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What would you do to save an additional $200 per month without a pay raise? One way is to sacrifice on some of your favourite foods, memberships or online shopping.

If you’d like to cut down on your monthly expenses without giving up the lifestyle you’re currently enjoying, here are 4 manageable lifestyle changes to help you save $200 or more each month.

# 1 Take Your Time To Hunt For Deals 

Whenever you’re buying stuff online, be on the lookout for potential discounts, rather than immediately undergoing the payment process. Sometimes, a simple Google search is all it takes to discover some of these deals, such as additional discounts when you pay using credit cards issued by a particular bank.

For a seamless experience that requires no additional effort on your part, you’ll want to install the free  browser extension, which helps you save money on exchange rates when shopping at overseas e-commerce platforms.

RateX even applies all relevant discount codes in their database for you before you make payment. Compatible merchants include Asos, Expedia, ezbuy, ebay and Lazada, and Rakuten, and Sephora.

If you’re interested to try RateX, first-time DollarsAndSense users who  will receive $8 in cashback from RateX.

With just some effort to hunt for deals when making online purchases, you could be saving at least $50 – S$100 a month, and more if you make big-ticket purchases.

Potential Savings: $50-100/month

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# 2 Use A Good Cashback Credit Card  

By choosing a good credit card that rewards you with cashback for making purchases you would already be making, you are essentially getting paid to spend.

For those who are unsure which card to choose, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Card provides a cashback benefit of 1.5%. Unlike other cashback credit cards, there is no minimum spend, no cap on cashback and you enjoy cashback benefits for all categories. It’s easy to recommend as a first cashback card because it is simple to understand and use.

Potential Savings: $25-40/month

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# 3 Credit Your Salary To A High-Interest Savings Bank Account

In Singapore, there are plenty of high-interest savings accounts to credit your salary.

One of the most popular savings account in Singapore is the OCBC 360 Account. This account has been around for a while and is convenient to use, allowing you to earn at least 1.5% in bonus interest for crediting your salary and clocking in $500 in monthly spend on OCBC credit cards.

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For freelancers and others who do not have a regular monthly salary, the UOB One is another high-interest savings account that you could look at.

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Potential Savings:  Up to $100+/month (depending on account balance and account type)

# 4 Transact Through Cashback Sites 

Isn’t it great if you can get some of your money back through your online transactions? This is made possible through cashback sites such as ShopBack. These sites receive affiliate commissions when you purchase through their links and in return for helping to keep their business going, a good amount of commission is given back to you as cashback.

You can easily get cashback from your online spendings such as travel bookings (hotel, flight bookings), groceries and fashion shopping. It is difficult to predict the amount of cashback as it is highly dependent on your spending habits. $10 – $15 per month on average is a pretty achievable target.

Potential Savings:  $10-15/month

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Give Yourself A $200 Boost To Your Savings

Saving an extra $200 every month does not require massive lifestyle changes. By making some small changes to your habits, you can enjoy the additional cash in your bank account every month.

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