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Inflation In 2022: Feeling The Pinch From Paying More For Everyday Items

Everyday prices are getting higher

With the heating up of inflation rates, commodity prices from electricity and petrol to transportation and egg prices are getting pricier. Let’s take a closer look at how prices of our everyday items have increased following the inflation. 

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Starting The Morning Off With A Cup Of Kopi O May Be More Expensive Now 

Price of 1 cup of Kopi O costs $1.60. 

Location: Kopitiam @ Compass One 

Travelling To Work Is Now More Expensive Than Before As Petrol Prices Spike 

95-octane petrol was $2.65/litre in January 2022 and is $3.05/litre in April. 

Location: ESSO Sengkang Westway @ 150 Sengkang W Way, 19/4/22 

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Increase of up to 1 cent per journey in public transport fares for students and 3 to 4 cents for adults. 

Location: Bus 268 @ 110 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 (left), Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (right) 

Grabbing Lunch At Favorite Hawker Has Become More Expensive (Especially For Carrot Cake This Month) 

Up to 2% increase in price for carrot cake ($4.50). 

Location: Kopitiam @ Compass One 

Grabbing Groceries From The Supermarket After Work Have Also Become More Costly 

 Price of 1 tray of Chew’s Fresh Eggs at Cold Storage ($3.25). 

Price of 1 packet of NISSIN Instant Noodles at Cold Storage ($2.55). 

Location: Cold Storage Compass One 

Consolidating Utility Expenses For The Month, Electricity Expenses Have Also Gone Up 

Electricity bill comparison in March (left) and February (right). 

The increasing prices of food, transport, housing and utilities means tighter budget planning for households as inflation continues to be on an upward trend. Thankfully, Singaporean HDB households will receive their quarterly GST Voucher (GSTV) – U-Save rebates by the government to help cope with the upcoming GST increase in 2023 and CDC vouchers to soften some of the pain of increasing prices.  

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PhotoStory by Alicia Thiam.

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