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What Happens When Your Engagement Ring Isn’t Right For Your Fiancée?

Good thing is that she still said YES.

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Buying an engagement ring isn’t a trivial matter. An engagement ring can cost one or more months of our salary. It’s also a ring that our fiancée and wife-to-be would (ideally) be wearing for the rest of her life.

For those who are sentimental, the ring may also be passed down to future generations, either as an heirloom engagement ring for our son to propose to his future wife, or as a gift to our daughter.

Given both the financial and sentimental value of an engagement ring, it’s not a purchase that we want to get wrong. Unfortunately, buying the perfect engagement ring isn’t as simple as choosing the latest iPhone – even though one can argue that at $2,299, the iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB) may cost just as much.

In a recent poll on the DollarsAndSense Telegram Channel, we found the following

  • 24% of respondents got the right engagement ring for their fiancée on the first try.
  • 14% had bought the wrong size
  • 4% said that their fiancée didn’t like the ring.
  • 33% purchased the engagement ring with their fiancée

Which brings us to the question for this article. What can you do if you buy an engagement ring that isn’t right for your fiancée?

The Size Of The Engagement Ring Isn’t Right

Unfortunately, if you wish to spring a surprise on your fiancée, the ring’s size is something that you need to take a chance on. Even if you are clever enough to borrow a ring of hers to find out her ring size, it may not be accurate since many ladies will not be wearing rings on the ring finger until they are married or engaged.

Thankfully, most local jewellers offer free resizing service for engagement rings. So, if you are buying an engagement ring with a jeweller, ensure that you can resize it at no additional cost.

Your Fiancée Doesn’t Like The Ring

By this, we are assuming that your proposal has been accepted but that your fiancée doesn’t like the engagement ring you bought. If your proposal was rejected, well…that’s a different problem we can’t help you with.

Some retailers have an exchange policy. Find out what the exchange policy is and keep the receipt. If your fiancée doesn’t like the ring, she may still be able to exchange it for another ring of similar or higher value.

If the ring was customised, you might incur additional costs to redesign it to what your fiancée prefers. Exchanging the ring for another may also be unrealistic because the jeweller would already have designed the ring based on your specific requirements.

Shop For The Engagement Ring With Your Fiancée

As 33% of respondents said they did, buying the engagement ring with your fiancé would certainly reduce the chances of buying the wrong ring.

For some ladies, shopping for an engagement ring together may even be fun. Your fiancée gets to try different types of rings to find out what she likes while you get to go ring-shopping without the stress of being afraid you will choose the wrong ring.

Pros & Cons Of Either Options

Buying an engagement ring is a major decision nobody wants to get wrong. Whether it’s getting the ring size wrong, buying a design that she doesn’t like, or even spending more than she ideally wants you to, some couples may prefer being able to shop together to find the perfect engagement ring.

At the same time, similar to proposing by suggesting “shall we BTO?”, shopping for a ring together is a practical but entirely unromantic solution. It works, especially since you are going to be spending thousands of dollars on a once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring. But if you plan to give her a surprise proposal, then shopping for an engagement ring together isn’t exactly viable.

Propose With A Pre-Engagement Ring First

Rather than risk spending thousands of dollars on an engagement ring that your fiancée may not like or forgo the surprise wedding proposal altogether, one possibility is to consider using a pre-engagement ring.

A pre-engagement ring allows you to surprise your fiancée with your wedding proposal. The idea here is that the pre-engagement ring allows men to focus on the perfect wedding proposal, without having to worry about buying the right engagement ring.  This way, there could still be a fairy tale proposal along with a personalised engagement ring – without any of the risks that you may choose the wrong ring.

On the surface, this may look like just a classic ring. However, for any men who buys one and choose to wield it, their intention would be clear. They are intending to make a proposal to their better half.

Launched recently, the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring retails at $299. The ring is made with 925 sterling silver and is plated in rose gold and white gold, retailing at $299. It also comes with a self-adjustable band so you are assured that the ring can fit nicely for her. More importantly, it comes with a clear message, both figuratively and literally – Will You Marry Me.

Photo from Love & Co

Also, the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring comes with a beautiful proposal ring box that fits neatly into your pocket. So, however your wedding proposal method could be, your surprise proposal can be effectively concealed.

Photo from Love & Co

Along with the purchase, you also receive a $200 cash voucher that can be used to buy an engagement ring at Love & Co. If you are keen to consider this ring, book an appointment with Love & Co now to chat with a consultant and to check out the pre-engagement ring and to understand how Love & Co can help customers with their personalised engagement ring. Get it right, from the start as a proposal is a lifetime event for both of you.

Find out more about the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring here.

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To be clear, buying the pre-engagement ring and proposing to your fiancée is only the first and second step of the entire process. The pre-engagement ring is a complement rather than a substitute for the actual engagement ring. Once she agrees to your surprise proposal (fingers crossed), both of you can make an appointment at Love & Co. to shop for the perfect engagement ring – that fits your budget – together.

In our opinion, using a pre-engagement ring is ideal if you are looking to surprise your better half. The private proposal could be between the two of you, or with a small group of close family members and friends. If you intend to a do grand-scale surprise proposal in front of tens or even hundreds of people, using the actual engagement ring in all its brilliance may still be a preferred option.

One Proposal, Multiple Perfect Ways To Propose

We want to stress that while there are multiple ways to propose to your better half, you should be the one deciding how you wish to propose to your future wife – based on what you know (or think) your fiancée would want.

For some, a surprise public proposal with a traditional diamond engagement ring is the ‘right way’ to do it. For others, a private proposal with a pre-engagement ring first, before shopping for the engagement ring together later on may be ideal. Some may even skip the proposal and engagement ring phases altogether and go straight to buying an HDB flat together.

There is no correct or wrong way to do it. It’s your marriage with your partner and thus, your preferred proposal method matters most. Whether it’s using engagement rings, pre-engagement rings, or even asking to apply to an HDB flat together are practical ways to propose to your partner, get it right from the start to the end, and make your wedding proposal a truly memorable experience for both of you.