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DollarsAndSense Launches!

After months of work, we proud to present to you our financial literacy website –! As 2012 slowly draws to a close, and with people continuing to banter about the end of the world, our editorial team has spent the better part of the year, discussing about the importance of a website that allows Singaporeans to better understand the financial aspects of matters affecting their lives. End of the world or not, we are not letting go of our financial reins.

Everyday is a changing financial landscape with the myriad of information coming out from China, the Euro zone and the US. Whether QE3 (QE stands for printing money basically) will go ahead, whether the jobless claims will decrease and a whole lot of other ‘whether-s’ that seemingly changes every other day. 

So the last thing we should be lax of is our very own finance. If all else fails, we can still count on ourselves and our own knowledge. is not going to make you a financial expert overnight, but it certainly will not hurt your endeavor for financial knowledge. is founded and run by a group of young passionate Singaporeans who through their education in Singapore have garner basic understanding in areas such as economics, media communication & IT. One common interest we all share however is our belief that financial literacy is a crucial part of everyone’s life and we hope that through this website, we would be able to better present our views and opinions to you, our readers.

On our website, we hope to cover all the major bases for financial literacy and expose you to not only our perspectives, but also to draw your attention to what is being said by other people or experts. Despite our interest and understanding in financial topics, non of us are working in the financial industry which means that if you are looking to buy an insurance policy, a property or simply looking to start a stock trading account…while we don’t sell those here! What we do provide in this website however is a clear perspective of our opinion on these financial matters, be it good or bad. Basically we are going to tell you what we think of insurances, but we are not going to be selling them to you.

We always strive to provide as much information as we can while juggling between our studies, day jobs and AOB (Any Other Business) we have in life. We will make our articles interesting because it is frankly boring to even write one that is not. We hope to vary the kind of articles and topics to keep your attention and invite criticism or discussion of any topic or article we have written on. Lastly, we hope to put through the idea that financial topics are interesting and to drive home the point of the differing views and mindsets that people have. We hope to journey along with you on the route to more knowledge and understanding of the financial world. would love support in making this website a success. We hope that you can help us simply by sharing with your friends about this website if you personally find our articles useful and interesting.


Dollars and Sense Editorial Team


Original photo by Benjamin Lim. Used with permission. aims to provide interesting, bite-sized and relevant financial articles.

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