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DollarsAndSense Welcomes 2013!

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on what we have done, and make fresh determinations for the future. It was not so long ago (10 weeks ago, in fact) that was launched, right in the living room of one of the writers. Sounds like the beginning of a classic rags-to-riches story. (Any publishers want to call dibs on a future book deal?)

Not to sound overly dramatic, but all the writers all battled work, school, and other commitments to bring you content on the website, often staying up late at night researching, drafting, editing, and even taking steps to reach out to other websites and communities. 10 weeks on and 20 articles later, here are the some website statistics, courtesy of Google Analytics:

Unique Visitors: 1,187
Pageviews: 4,497

Articles from also appeared on TR Emeritus, The Real Singapore, and in e-mail newsletters of the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) Youth Chapter. On TR Emeritus, comments on two of our articles generated 55 comments in total, while on The Real Singapore, the article received more than a hundred Facebook likes.

However, it is the comments and encouragement from all our friends and readers that mean the most to us. Your invaluable feedback, Facebook shares and Re-Tweets is more than we could ever ask for. And it is for this reason that we will want to start the new year by thanking each and every reader. We believe the best way to thank you is to do more and do better. First on the list will be a totally revamped website layout with more cool content! Continue to walk this journey with us as we make sense of our dollars – together! Cheers to an awesome 2013!

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