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Discussion: Can Stay-At-Home-Mums Pick Up Where They Left Off When They Rejoin The Workforce?

If being a mother is job, then mothers would have titles of chef, nurse, financial controller, artiste, counsellor, and facilities manager. Why then are mothers returning to the workforce having such a hard time?

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Juggling the demands of work and the commitments you have at home when you have children is often an uphill task for many working mums. Some opt to become stay-at-home-mums (SAHM) to look after their children.

However, there might also come a point in time when they look to rejoin the workforce.

Can SAHMs pick up where they left off?

In this episode of DollarsAndSense Tonight, we sat down with Sher-li, the Founder of Mums@Work to discuss how stay-at-home-mums can successfully get back into the workforce. Mums@Work is a social enterprise that is dedicated to supporting women and helping them to find work-family balance.

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0:26 – Introduction of guest, Sher-li, Founder of Mums@Work

0:42 – Do stay-at-home-mums plan in advance before stopping work?

1:53 – How realistic are stay-at-home-mums these days when planning to rejoin the workforce?

2:40 – How would stay-at-home-mums know how to value themselves?

3:49 – What kind of support is required when stay-at-home-mums return to the workforce?

4:38 – What are some of the schemes available in Singapore?

5:30 – A word of advice to stay-at-home-mums looking to resume working

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The demands of both work and home is often more challenging than expected. Leaving work to become a SAHM is often something that is not planned for by the mother. Going back into the workforce is also not something that is set in stone.

Through our discussion with Sher-li, here are 3 key learning points.

#1 Know How To Value Yourself

The world continues to evolve and this inevitably affects the skills required for many jobs. Besides upskilling yourself, you also need to know how to value yourself. This can be done by getting more information through reading and reaching out to recruiters for feedback.

You will also need to be realistic and manage your expectations. Being out of the workforce for a few years inevitably leaves a gap in your resume and potentially affects how recruiters view the skills you have. If you are also asking for flexible work hours or to work part-time, this should also be taken into consideration when looking at your job role and remuneration.

#2 Prepare Yourself Before Rejoining The Workforce

A few years out of the workforce could leave you out of touch with the current market conditions, style of work and the latest updates in the space. To set yourself up for success when rejoining the workforce, you can read more to stay updated with the latest happenings, trends and tools. You can also talk to your peers and ex-colleagues that are still in the industry to find out more about the current situation.

#3 Build Your Network And Tap On The Support Available

There are many forms of support available for stay-at-home-mums to tap on. For example, Workforce Singapore has Career Trial and Career Support Programmes available. There are also many communities and groups in Singapore that stay-at-home-mums can join. These provide a good form of moral support and could even open doors for job opportunities .

Sher-li touched on the importance and usefulness of Career Trials, allowing both you and your employer to figure out if you will be a good fit to the company before making any permanent arrangements.

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