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Looking For A Job As A Singaporean? Here Are Government Grants, Resources And Other Support You Can Tap On: MyCareersFuture; Careers Connect; Career Support Programme; SGUnited Traineeships

If you’re in the market for a job, tap on these free resources to help you get back in the workforce as soon as possible.

This article was first published on 22 April 2019 and updated with the latest information.

Unlike the past, where people work for the same employer for the entire duration of their working lives, the working adults of today will find themselves in the market for a job much more often.

Common scenarios include fresh graduates looking for their first full-time job; mature workers hoping to start a new phase of their career; or those who got retrenched and wish to find employment.

The job search process can be mentally and emotionally challenging, not to mention the financial opportunity costs of not working.

To support Singaporeans in these aspects, here are the government grants and resources that you can utilise. These programmes are administered by Workforce Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower.

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Career Starter Programme For Fresh Graduates

Congratulations on completing years of formal education and embarking on your fledging career! The final hurdle you’ll need to face before entering the workforce is to secure a job.

To help you in this process, WSG has put together a Career Starter Pack with useful information on interview skills, resume writing, basic financial planning, and job search advice.

If you need additional assistance to find a job, you can also make an appointment to have personalised, one-on-one , who can give you in-depth career advice, feedback to help you in your job search, and link you up with potential job opportunities.

To further support fresh graduates land a job during this difficult time and gain valuable experiences, the government launched the SGUnited Traineeships Programme, which subsidises 80% of trainees’ allowances for up to 12 months, pegged at 50 to 70% of median starting salaries, depending on your qualifications.

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MyCareersFuture is a government-run jobs portal that aims to provide Singaporeans and  Permanent Residents (PRs) with free job search service that matches them to jobs based on their relevant skills.

The volume of jobs being posted is quite high, since it is mandatory for companies to list the jobs on MyCareersFuture before being allowed to consider foreign sources of talent to fill job positions.

A unique feature of the website is their ability to show adjacent jobs that users could potentially apply for, but are perhaps lacking in one of two required skills. This gives users a good idea of the knowledge and capabilities they are lacking, and which they could acquire to improve their employability and career prospects.

Also, job listings will indicate if the particular position qualifies under one of WSG’s employment support (some of which are highlighted in this article), such as Career Trial or Career Support Programme.

Finally, MyCareersFuture also contains a content hub with articles that give insights into career planning and development as well as job search tips. These articles are useful whether you’re looking to enter or return to the workforce, or switch careers altogether.

To help jobseekers look for immediate job opportunities, especially in sectors that need manpower during the fight against COVID-19, jobseekers can specifically look under the special #SGUnited tag.

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Career Support Programme

The Career Support Programme (CSP) supports Singaporean Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) who are unemployed and have been actively looking for jobs for six months or more.

Run by WSG and NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), CSP encourages companies to hire Singaporeans in PMET roles with a gross monthly salary of at least $4,000 ($3,600 for SMEs) by providing salary support for up to 18 months for every eligible Singaporean. The programme period has been extended to 31 Mar 2021.

Here is the amount of salary support available to help employers defray the cost of hiring experienced Singaporean PMETs:

Source: Workforce Singapore

Careers Connect

Comprehensive career advice and matching services is available to Singaporeans and PRs under the Adapt and Grow’s Careers Connect initiative.

It complements self-help solutions, like MyCareersFuture, by providing professional advice on job search and career planning by certified career coaches through phone, e-mail or face-to-face.

A wide range of events are also held regularly, including job fairs, walk-in interviews, networking sessions, workshops to help jobseekers and those wishing to switch careers.

With Careers Connect, job search advice and resources are always available when you need it.

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In The Market For A Job?

The grants and resources highlighted in this article are just some of the support available to Singaporeans. There are industry-specific training grants and other forms of job-matching and career guidance services provided by  and their partners.

If you are a Singaporean who is looking for a job but is unable to find one,  can help connect you to the job you are looking for or link you to other agencies and organisations that can help.

To get started, you canhere. You will receive a call to arrange to meet up and be referred to the appropriate services and schemes that you are suitable for.

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