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Best Countries For Singaporeans To Travel To In 2H2022 (Based On Exchange Rate)

Take advantage of the strong Singdollar

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Now that travel has finally resumed, many Singaporeans are taking the opportunity to see the sights beyond our little red dot. In fact, you may be more likely to meet someone you know overseas than in Singapore (since most of us are still cautious about the recent surge in COVID-19 cases). As more countries open up to vaccinated travellers, Singaporeans have plenty of tourist destination to choose from.

With the Singapore dollar strengthening due to MAS’ recent monetary tightening, now is a great time to be travelling, especially to the following countries which have reopened for tourism.

Note: currencies quoted are accurate at the time of writing.

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New Zealand

Lauded for its COVID-free status in the earlier stages of the pandemic, New Zealand has reopened its borders for tourism. Blessed with beautiful landscapes, New Zealand is also known for being the home of Middle-earth. Fans of the now-classic Lord Of The Rings And The Hobbit can take this opportunity to explore the splendour of the majestic mountain ranges, forests and wilderness that set the scenes of Middle-earth.

Aside from its movie inspiration, New Zealand is also rich in culture and nature. Take a deep dive into Maori culture or chase the Southern Lights. New Zealand’s South Island is also home to the largest International Dark Sky Reserve, perfect for star gazing.

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 1.15 New Zealand dollars (NZD). For those more familiar with the NZDSGD conversion, that is 1 NZD to 0.87 SGD. For shoppers, New Zealand is unsurprisingly known for its outdoor gear.


Just a hop away is Australia, an equally attractive destination for Singaporeans. Take a stay at Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world according Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index for 2022.

Australia offers a variety of experiences for every traveller. Enjoy the bustle of city life in Sydney, slow down at a farm stay in Perth, go sand surfing in the sand dunes on both desert and coast or go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Parents will be glad to know that most parts of Australia are very child-friendly (and stroller-friendly), with most malls having at least one, if not multiple, nursing rooms.

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 1.04 Australian Dollar (AUD). For those more familiar with the AUDSGD conversion, that is 1 AUD to 0.96 SGD. Time to indulge in Australian brands like Aesop, Jurlique, Billabong, Ripcurl and Blackmores!


It would be a glaring omission to not mention our neighbour, Malaysia, even if all of Singapore already knows to take advantage of the favourable exchange rate. Whether you are there to grocery shop or going for a full live-like-a-king holiday experience, Malaysia offers many attractions while being conveniently just a short drive or flight away.

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 3.24 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). This is close to, if not, the record level for SGDMYR. For Singaporeans, this may be the reason to brave the crowds at the Causeway.

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Another nearby destination, Thailand is a favourite for Singaporean foodies, shoppers and beachgoers. Whether you are there for the delicious Thai food, cheap shopping or just there to chill and relax, you have options from Bangkok, Chang Mai to Phuket. At just a short flight away, Thailand is perfect for a short (or long) weekend getaway.

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 26.04 Thai Baht (THB). This is close to, if not, the record level for SGDTHB in the past two decades.


For those willing to travel a little further, Europe is a great destination for those with a longer holiday to spend. While not a round-the-world trip, you can country-hop within Europe (and the Euro zone) without having to worry about currency or visas. Singapore Citizens can travel to Europe for up to 90 days. However, the individual European countries may have different COVID-19 restrictions.

Visit the Eiffel Tower in France, have a moment of silent at the Berlin wall in Germany, frolic on the islands of Greece or chase the Northern Lights in Finland, Europe is on many travellers’ bucket list.

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 0.71 Euro (EUR). For those more familiar with the EURSGD conversion, that is 1 EUR to 1.41SGD. This is close to, if not, the record level for EURSGD in the past two decades.


Japan has opened to tourists (on a limited package tour basis). While it’s not the free and easy that many Singaporeans are waiting for, it is still better than nothing. Perhaps this is time to finally take that group tour around Hokkaido or Okinawa that has been put off in favour of free and easy exploration of Tokyo and Osaka?

Currently, 1 Singapore dollar (SGD) equals to 96.75 Japanese Yen (JPY). For those more familiar with the JPYSGD conversion, that is 100 Yen to 1.03SGD. This is close to the record level for JPYSGD in the past two decades.

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Lock In Favourable Exchange Rates Before You Travel

For those of us who can’t commit to travelling right now but are enticed by the favourable exchange rates, you can use a multicurrency wallet like YouTrip to exchange your desired currencies at a rate that you deem as favourable. This allows to hold multiple currencies (and spend them when you want to).

While you could do the same with the old-school method of going to the money changer, multi-currency wallets save you the hassle of storing and keeping the cash and offer you better rates.

Do note that just because the rates are favourable now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be even more favourable in the future. Rising inflation may cause MAS to further tighten monetary policy which in turn will cause the Singapore dollar to further strengthen.

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