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Applying For A Credit Card To Enjoy Free Gifts And Great Perks? Here’s Why You Should Pay Close Attention To The T&Cs

Take the festive period to apply for a credit card and enjoy amazing rewards.

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In the mostly cashless society that we live in, it makes financial sense to use your credit cards to pay for bills and expenses you incur on a regular basis. Paying through your credit cards allow you to earn perks, such as discounts, cashback and air miles.

To entice cardholders to apply for the credit cards they issue, banks frequently provide lucrative sign-up perks for new applicants. Taking this one step further are financial comparison sites, some of whom are giving additional benefits when you apply for a card through them.

One such platform that we have personally used extensively over the past few years is SingSaver, an impartial financial comparison site. SingSaver runs frequent credit card promotions, where they give out Takashimaya vouchers, NTUC FairPrice vouchers, Grab promo codes and even cash – for successful applications of credit cards.

Aside from credit cards, SingSaver also compares personal loan, travel insurance and many other product types. They do so by working with various banks and insurers to offer these incentives.

When you apply through a financial comparison site like SingSaver, it saves you the trouble of having to hunt for individual deals offered by each bank. In fact, the added incentives offered by SingSaver means that applications made through their platform is superior compared to applying directly through the banks themselves.

SingSaver is independently operated and are not affiliated to any banks nor are they a government entity (as some people may mistakenly think by looking at their name).Through their platform, SingSaver hopes to empower users to lead healthier financial lives and to simplify the search process of financial products for its users.

Users can go to the SingSaver comparison site and immediately compare the different credit cards that are available, and the current rewards which are on offer. In fact, one of our writer recently signed up for an American Express card and received $150 cash and shared his experience in an article.

Besides you apply for cards that give you attractive rewards, you need to also pay close attention to some of the terms and conditions to ensure that you get the rewards which attracted you to apply for the credit cards in the first place.

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Do You Qualify For The Eligibility Criteria?

The first thing to take note of are the criteria for receiving these gifts.

For example, if you are applying for a Citibank PremierMiles card through SingSaver, you should know that the additional benefit of $200 NTUC FairPrice vouchers, Takashimaya vouchers or Grab codes (for applying through SingSaver) is only valid for new Citibank customers. Remember, these additional benefits are only given if you apply through SingSaver. SingSaver partners with these banks to offer the additional rewards.

Source: SingSaver

If you are an existing customer, you will receive $30 gift/voucher instead (more on that below).

One mistake that some applicants make is not taking close note of the eligibility criteria.

To find this out on SingSaver, you can click on the “More Details” button and this will open up a dropdown page with further information. With that, you will see all the details you need to know, including a link to the terms and conditions.

Don’t Ignore The Details In The Terms And Conditions (T&Cs) Page

As a rule of thumb, always make it a habit to check the T&Cs for any promotions that you participate in. If you can’t find it, contact the company directly. This applies for both offline and online promotions. For the SingSaver promotion, you can easily access the T&Cs through their credit card application page.

The screenshot below is from the SingSaver T&Cs page. It specifies that new Citibank customers can receive $200 vouchers, while existing customers will receive $30 vouchers.

You can also find the T&Cs for American Express, Standard Chartered, HSBC, UOB and OCBC. Depending on which cards you apply for, you stand to earn different rewards.

Source: SingSaver, Terms & Conditions, Valid Till 31 December 2018

The T&Cs also includes other important details that you should know about, such as the eligible cards and promotion offer.

When Is The Promotion Period?

Promotions are normally time-limited. Naturally, you need to submit your application during the promotion period. This latest SingSaver credit card promotion runs till 31 December. If your credit card application is done on/before 31 December, you will be eligible for the promotion offer.

There were occasions in the past where applicants signed up for the cards outside of the promotion period, without realising it. Always check when the promotion period is before you submit your card application.

Remember To Submit The Promotion Registration Form

Similar to a lucky draw at the shopping mall or submitting a form in exchange for a free gift at the restaurant, you need to complete and submit the registration form in order participate for a promotion. Never assume that you’re automatically opted-in for a promotion.

If you are applying during a SingSaver credit card promotion, remember to complete the reward redemption form. This is also highlighted in yellow under the “Redeem Reward” page.

A common area which may be overlooked is to miss out on submitting this form after applying for your credit cards. If you don’t submit the form, you won’t be eligible to receive the perks offered.

Enjoy Your Credit Card Rewards, When You Apply The Right Way

To help guide users through the process and ensure you receive your perks, SingSaver has prepared this simple infographic that outlines what happens during each step of the application process.

Or if you prefer watching, this video explains what you need to know.

Applying for your credit card and enjoying the perks is a relatively straightforward process. Everything can be done online and there is no need for you to print out any documents or mail any forms to the banks.

However, if you want to enjoy the extra benefits, you must remember the additional steps required. This includes submitting your reward redemption form with the right reference number and making sure that you apply during the promotion period. Of course, your credit card application has to be approved.

If you want a detailed step-by-step guide to applying for a credit card with SingSaver, we have written a previous article on the various steps that you have to take. It’s a good read if you are unsure about the steps required.

Otherwise, you can proceed ahead to apply for the cards, personal loans and travel insurance that you want and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

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