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5 Simple But Effective Tips To Help You Save Even More Money While Shopping At Blogshops

Do you enjoy shopping on a blogshop? Here are 5 useful tips you can use today to help you save while you shop.

With a wide variety of fashion styles and price points, many young Singaporeans have come to rely on blogshops as an integral part of their shopping routines.

To help you maximise your savings as you shop on a blogshop, we’ve compiled some tips you can use today.

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#1 Wait For Sales To Do Your Shopping

A staple theme of blogshops is fast fashion. Thus, it is common for clothing items to be phased out seasonally and be heavily discounted before the next season/collection is launched.

Browsing the sales section on the blogshop can be a good way to acquire quality clothes at a fraction of the original cost.

In addition, you can also look out for grab bags which consist of mystery items being sold at a very low price.

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#2 Cross-Check Across A Few Blogshops

Although some blogshops claim offer unique designs and labels tied to their brand, many get their items from generic suppliers. Also, many essentials do not differ much in terms of style and design.

The Fleur Label Topazette
Dress: $42.90

Normal Mail: $1.50

Total = $44.40

Dress: $48.90

Normal Mail: $2

Total = $50.90

Cost Difference = $6.50


Using the above example, both The Fleur Label’s Valencia Toga Midi Dress and Topazette’s Aurora Ombre Toga Dress look extremely similar. However, after accounting for shipping, the cost difference is a notable $6.50. If you can, it would be a good practice to do a quick search across different blogshops to source for cheaper alternatives.

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#3 Determine If You Need Your Items Urgently

Undoubtedly, express delivery costs more than standard delivery. If you are not in a rush to get your apparels, you can choose normal mail or standard courier to save on delivery cost.

#4 Share The Deal With Your Friends

Here’s where economies of scale come in place. As some blogshops give out free delivery if you hit minimum spending, you may be tempted to buy more (especially if you are near the minimum spending amount).

Instead, you should reach out to your friends to see if they are interested in ordering as well. This way, it is much easier to reach the minimum spending amount, you and your friends are also able to enjoy free delivery.

The same logic works for promotions (especially incremental quantity discount scheme) as well as subscription plans. For example, MDS Collections offers a monthly subscription plan where you are able to receive at least one item every month based on your membership tier. If you are not planning to refresh your wardrobe every month, you can always share the subscription plan with your friends to get your favourite dress at a cheaper rate.

#5 Blogshop Flea Markets

Similar to how blogshops put up periodic sales, blogshops do take part in flea markets to clear some of their stocks. During a flea, prices for a clothing item can go as low as $1, which is a huge bargain.

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