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18 Useful Travel Items You Can Buy From Daiso For The Holidays

Aside from heat packs, Daiso has plenty of great travel buys.

Daiso is known for selling all their products at $2. This June holidays, we can expect many families shopping at Daiso to buy affordable, high-quality items before travelling.

Daiso heat packs are a well-known to-buy item. But beyond heat packs, here are 18 useful items you can buy — whether you are flying for work, recreation, or a long exchange programme.

Before You Fly

#1 Vacuum seal storage bags for clothes

Have you ever had to squeeze so many clothes in your luggage that you thought that your zip would burst? These storage bags help you save space by reducing the size of fluffier articles of clothing. After the bag is sealed, no air gets in or out of the bag and you are left with a compact, easily stowable pack.

#2 Dial lock for luggage

In Singapore, we enjoy a level of safety that is not common elsewhere around the world.

With more than 1,000 pieces of luggage stolen from airports each year, safeguard your belongings by installing locks on all your luggage and deter potential thieves.

#3 Multi-purpose luggage belt

After locking your luggage, go a step further by wrapping a belt around your luggage. Besides acting as a security feature, these belts prevent items from spilling out if the lock of the luggage is dislodged by accident.

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#4 OneTouch band for cables, wires of adaptors, and earphones

Today’s travellers have plenty of electronics and cables they need to bring along. If you want to avoid opening your luggage after arrival only to find a jumbled mess, use these bands to keep everything nice and tidy.

#5 Travel bottles

With these small bottles, you bring only what you need. At $2 a set, choose between spray bottles, screw-cap bottles, squeeze bottles, and smaller-sized ones meant for hand or face cream.

For The Plane Ride

#6 Travel pillow with headrest

Trying to fall asleep in an economy class seat inside a metal cylinder stuck 35,000 feet in the air is not a fun or comfortable affair.

To make your journey more tolerable, consider investing in a travel pillow with headrest. Since this is an inflatable version, you do not have to worry about it being too bulky to bring onboard the plane. There are also non-inflatable neck pillows if you prefer.

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#7 Folding slippers

Isn’t removing your sneakers in the plane a liberating experience? Yet it may be troublesome to remove and wear them every time you want to visit the washroom.

These foldable slippers are compact and lightweight enough to keep in your bag while providing you comfort while walking inside the plane.

#8 Plastic plate with compartments

If you are a parent travelling with small kids, having a plastic plate with compartments will make it easier for your child to eat, especially if you want to distribute some of your food to him or her. These plates can also be used after your trip at home as well.

For Your Convenience

#9 Car seat hook

If you have a personalised tour guide and driver for your trip, the car seat hook converts the car’s headrest into a convenient storage space to hang items, giving you quick access to snacks and other essential items on a long road trip.

#10 Smartphone stand tripod

If you want to take photos with your other half but always felt that you didn’t want to bother other people, a smartphone stand tripod is the solution. Place it on a higher surface and you are set to go!

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If You’re Travelling To A Hot Country

#11 Mini water misting fan

If you’re in Dubai with 40-degree Celsius temperatures with no wind, the mini water misting fan is a lifesaver (literally). The misting fan works as an air cooler and cools your body temperature down.

#12 Rainproof trousers and raincoats

For $2 a piece, these rainproof trousers and raincoats are extremely handy when it starts raining. And the best part? No washing required.

#13 BBQ cooking grill and aluminium BBQ plates

If you are meeting friends in the countryside for a BBQ, it is cheaper to buy the aluminium cooking grill and plates at Daiso compared to most hardware stores and major supermarkets.

#14 Mini cutter knife

Extremely useful if you are in the wilderness with friends and need to urgently cut open items. Just remember to check it in your luggage.

If You’re Travelling To A Cold Country

#15 Mitten gloves and socks

We all know that winter clothing can be very expensive –  especially vests and innerwear. If you want to save money on smaller items such as gloves and socks, Daiso carries a range of them made of various materials.

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In Case Of Emergencies

#16 Cold wrap stretch bandage

Daiso’s cold wrap stretch bandage is useful if you feel muscle soreness after hiking the whole day. If you injured your legs by accident, it provides a compression to soothe swellings or strains.

#17 Cooling headache patch, 5 sheets

If you have a headache or mild fever, the cooling headache patch will help you feel better. For 40 cents a piece, this item is extremely worth your 2 bucks.

#18 Cotton wool compound menthol

This item clears your blocked nose and keeps you refreshed throughout your trip.

Cheap Hauls At Good Quality

Shopping at Daiso for your travel needs allows you to save more to spend during your trip, such as food and souvenirs.

Despite their price, the items at Daiso are of good quality. Get rid of your packing woes now and head to Daiso to experience a range of products, leaving you spoilt for choice.