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GrabExpress; Ninja Van; Speedpost: Which Courier Service Should You Use — And When

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Courier companies play a critical role in the lives of busy Singaporeans, helping to deliver mail and packages when we don’t have the time to do so. Unlike ordinary mail services, courier companies have features such as faster delivery speeds and tracking which are usually opt-in features for ordinary mail services.

Some of the most commonly used courier services are Ninja Van and Speedpost. The former started operations in Singapore in 2014 and is now one of the region’s largest and fastest growing logistics company. The latter is a service under Singapore post and specialises in local courier services with doorstep collection and delivery. GrabExpress, albeit still in the beta stage, is growing quickly in delivery volume.

All three courier services differ in terms of speed of delivery, size of package, and cost.

Scenario #1: If you need a parcel to reach a client urgently at night on the weekends

Best Choice: GrabExpress Beta

In unforeseen situations when you need a parcel or letter to reach a client, vendor, or loved one urgently, GrabExpress provides the convenience of keying in your pick up and drop off location with ease. The well-trained drivers will then head to you to pick up the package. The entire process is seamless and convenient.

The best part is, GrabExpress operates late into the night at 11pm every day so you would not have to wait to use their services the next day if it is already 9pm.

It is also interesting to note that for GrabExpress, beyond parcels and documents, you can also deliver packed food, if they are non-perishable, non-frozen, and non-fragile.

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Scenario #2: If you want to send or receive very heavy items

Choose: Ninja Van

Ninja Van’s current promotion with no weight limit is a bang for your buck. You just have to fit everything in the polymer bag and Ninja Van will deliver it for you for only $3.

Scenario #3: If you want a hassle-free experience in depositing your parcel

Best Choice: Speedpost

As Singapore’s largest and main postal service company, if you face any issues or need to rectify any administrative issues, it is very easy to seek help as there are so many postal offices around the island.

It is also very simple to book Speedpost services as it can be done online or via the company’s hotline. For Speedpost standard, you can even book this service by visiting any post office.

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Choosing The Right Provider Depending On Your Exact Situation

As of the second quarter this year, Ninja Van’s services will be available on the Grab app via GrabExpress. The partnership will strengthen GrabExpress’s footing in nationwide scheduled deliveries and enlarge their regional coverage. Similarly, Ninja Van will work towards adopting GrabPay across its platform.

Depending on the weight, how urgent you need the item, and the cost, there is a courier company out there for you.

If your item is of high-value, consider using the services of a courier company where the insurance payout is higher.

With the collaboration of Ninja Van and Grab Express, hopefully in time to come, there will be more value-for-money delivery services for customers out there.