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5 Socially Acceptable Last Minute Token Christmas Gifts To Buy

Royce Chocolate, Twelve Cupcakes & Famous Amos Cookies anyone?

This article was updated on 23 December 2018.

Buying last minute Christmas gifts can be quite a pain and we all have our fair share of valid reasons. We were too busy at work, we ran out of quality ideas on what to buy, or we simply didn’t really care.

However when there is a party to attend and you are expected to bring a gift, or to participate in a gift exchange, it doesn’t make sense to deliberately not bring anything and to be the odd person out.

You struggle to think about what to buy. Gone are the days when you can just show up with a box of Ferrero Rocher and get away with the impression that you actually bothered to make an effort.

But don’t worry. We got you covered. In this article, we will highlight 5 socially acceptable last minute Christmas Gift that people would appreciate having.

# 1 Royce Chocolate


No matter how last minute the gift was, we are not saying no to Royce Chocolate


Ferrero Rocher was the token gift you bring to a party when you had no better ideas…15 years ago.

These days, people expect more. And the honour has now fallen to Royce Chocolate instead. With a ROYCE’ Collection “Blue” selling at $81, nobody can accuse you of not spending your fair share in livening up the Christmas party.

Best of all, Royce Chocolate outlets are strategically situated around Orchard, City Hall, and the CBD. Grabbing a box of chocolate on the way home from the office is easy.

It’s expensive, it taste good, it’s a great brand and it’s convenient to buy. What’s there not to like?

# 2 A Random Bottle Of Wine

wineWe can’t really tell the difference so we will just buy whatever looks expensive

Bringing a bottle of wine to a Christmas party has always been the “right thing” to do, even if the person who brings it doesn’t even drink, and can barely tell the difference between red and white wine. Nobody could ever fault a guy who brings wine.

Making a choice is easy. Find the nearest NTUC, Cold Storage or Sheng Siong and head over to the wine section. Get a bottle from some nice places such as New Zealand, Australia or France. Don’t buy the cheapest wine but avoid the expensive ones.

Something that cost about $30 should be just about right, even if you have no idea what you just bought. Most people don’t.

# 3 A Starbucks Mug



Mugs are lousy gifts to give and receive. However for some strange reason, the very same mug with a Starbucks logo costing $10 more is a respectable Christmas gift.

The added bonus is that you shouldn’t have problem finding a Starbucks outlet, even if you just booked out from Tekong (there is one at Whitesands).


Yes, there is a Starbucks outlet at Jurong Island

# 4 Twelve Cupcakes



Cupcakes are pretty to look at and terrible to be eating; especially when you are taking chunks of bites off the top, leaving cream on your mouth and plain cake left behind.

At the risk of offending cupcake lovers in Singapore, We think there is unfortunately no shortage of lousy cupcakes being sold or made. This explains why cupcakes are always the last dessert to be eaten.

One of the few exceptions that we know of are the cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. Founded by local celebrity couple Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo, Twelve Cupcakes remain a favourite among many Singaporeans.

They are not only good to look at, but also delicious to eat. At $36 for 12 cupcakes, nobody can accuse you of being a cheapskate either.

# 5 Famous Amos Cookies


Why people buy Gingerbread man, which nobody really wants to eat (we know that for a fact since there is still one lying around the office after more than a week) instead of delicious cookies from Famous Amos is a question that we have no good answers to.

Perhaps it’s the idea of dressing up the Gingerbread man? Perhaps we saw it on some cartoons? Maybe it’s a symbol of creation? We have no idea.

What we do know however is that Famous Amos cookies hardly ever get left behind during Christmas parties. On the otherhand, you practically need to force people to bring their gingerbread man home. Singaporeans clearly know which taste better.

Unlike Starbucks, Famous Amos outlets are not exactly situated on every other street in Singapore. However, you can choose to order your cookies online and have them delivered, making it far easier to order in large quantity without worrying about dropping of it in the MRT.

Do you agree with our list or are we too harsh on the gifts on the list? Should some other gifts be added instead? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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