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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Google Pay (Even if You Are Already Using Samsung Pay And Apple Pay)

Google Pay is still worth a download even if you are using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

Tapping your mobile phone, instead of fishing out your EzLink Card is now a common sight at the MRT gantry. As Singapore moves towards being a “Smart Nation”, the local mobile payment scene has grown in popularity over the past few years. Contactless payments have also seen a boom in usage due to hygiene measures implemented for COVID-19.

Mobile payment apps link up your credit card for contactless payment. This allows you to use your mobile phone as a credit card, enabling you to pay for purchases via Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass, and board trains and buses via SimplyGo.

Currently, the major mobile payment apps are Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. While Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are restricted to iPhone and Samsung users, respectively, Google Pay crosses platforms, meaning you can use it whether you are an iPhone, Samsung or Android user.

With the launch of Google Pay Singapore’s new user experience, here are 5 compelling reasons why you should consider using Google Pay, even if you are already using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

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#1 Integration of DBS PayLah! and PayNow With QR Code and UEN Support

The two most widely used cashless payment platforms in Singapore, PayLah! and PayNow, are now integrated into Google Pay. This is a step up from Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, where users still have to use a separate app.

Along with merchant UEN and QR code support, you can now make PayNow and PayLah! transfers without opening a new app. Not only does this reduce the number of apps you have, the improved functionality means that you can easily move from credit card payment to bank transfers within the same app.

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#2 In-App Purchases

The inclusion of in-app purchases allows Google Pay to be the one-stop app for mobile purchases, reducing the need to switch between different store apps. Even though Apple Pay can be conveniently used in many food ordering apps, they will still require you to install the apps that only serve one function – make purchases from a single store.

Some supported merchants include KFC, Starbucks, Burger King or the Golden Village.

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#3 Native Support For Splitting of Bills

When it comes to bill splitting, it can get messy at times. First, you have to divide the amount, followed by different payment methods such as PayLah, PayNow or even bank transfers.

To skip all that hassle, Google Pay’s “Split a Bill” feature not only calculates the amount payable per person but also automatically send reminders on your behalf. The latter can be especially useful if you have friends who have the tendency to “forget paying” after a meal. The best part: you no longer have to feel shy about chasing for bills since it is system-generated.

#4 Send Money As A Chat Message to Anyone, Including Non-Google Pay Users

Apart from sending messages to other Apple users for free, U.S users of iPhones are able to send money to other iOS users through the Messages app. While Apple Pay users in the U.S. are privileged to have this feature included, Singapore is not entitled to this feature yet. Fortunately, Google Pay is now giving Singaporeans a chance.

Unlike Apple which only allows users to send money as a message within its own ecosystem, it is now possible to send funds to non-users of Google Pay, including your friends and family holding on to their iPhones or vice versa. It is now not an excuse for your friends to be unable to send money due to “compatibility issues”.

#5 Extra Scratch Card Rewards On Top of Your Credit Card Rewards

If you are satisfied with your current credit card rewards, you will be more than satisfied when using Google Pay. As an added incentive for using Google Pay, you will receive rewards in the form of scratch cards and cashback on top of your card privileges. From the smallest payment of using Google Pay for bus and train fares to larger purchases at stores, you will be able to try your luck with qualifying purchases.

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