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5 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Well-Behaved Men This Year!

Who says it is tough getting Christmas gifts for men?

Women complain men are hard to buy presents for.

Spending money during Christmas is as difficult as breathing in fresh air after getting a near drowning experience. For ladies intending to buy gifts for their men, there are literally too many choices catering to all types of budgets, demographics and relationships.

We identify five great gifts ideas you can buy for a guy, along with estimated prices so that you get the best bang for your buck!


1. A Wallet


Have your husband, boyfriend or father been using the same old wallet for the past five years? The truth is that most guys are reluctant to change their wallet, no matter how much wear and tear it has already been through.

A guy will use his wallet everyday. He will carry it on overseas trips and into important board meetings. He will retrieve it while paying for the bills at restaurants and bars, while exchanging namecards at networking events, while he’s pulled over by a traffic cop after getting caught speeding and even while he is on his reservist call-up.

To personalise the gift, include in it a special photograph of yourself, or your family. It will remind him of you, and make it that much harder to be buying drinks for other ladies when you are not beside him.

Budget: $100 and upwards (depending on brands)
Target Group: 18 & above


2. A Pair Of Leather Shoes (With Matching Belt)

 If you are buying a present for a guy who works in the office, you can’t go wrong with this. Shoes & belts will be part of his daily get-up, but he will probably not own more than two pairs of shoes and belts each.

To maximise the value of your purchase, get a colour that he doesn’t already have (so try to avoid common colours like black, or pay attention to what he lacks). This ensures that your gift will not be competing with his favorite pair of black shoes.

Budget: $100 upwards for shoes, $70 upwards for belt (depending on brands)

Target Group: The office crowd


3. Gym Gloves



Is he an avid gym goer who lifts weights regularly? If he is, and don’t already own a pair of gym gloves, this would be an incredibly thoughtful gift.

A pair of gym gloves would protect his hand while he is doing bench press or deadlifts. It will provide him with superior grip when doing pull-ups during the annual dreaded IPPT.

It will also motivate him to hit the gym more often. By next Christmas, he will spot bigger biceps while keeping his hands a little bit smoother.

Budget: $30 for local sport brands. $60 for top-tier brands such as Everlast.
Target Group: The Gym Goers


4. New Underwear                                                                                                       



We are not going to explain the benefits of buying new (and nice) underwear for your man. Furthermore, you can simply choose what you like to see him in.

We recommend you buy this for guys you are related to (we hear you, Ashley Madison protesters). And no, this is not for that cute male friend from the office you sits close to.

Budget: Up to $40
Target Group: All


5. A PlayStation 4 (PS4)



This is the ultimate gift for a Singaporean guy – you let him revisit his childhood memories and behavior by halfing his maturity level in an instant.

And because most Singaporean men in their 20s grew up spending weekends in LAN shops practicing useless moves such as “Bunny-Hop” on Counterstrike and “Tower-Rush” on Warcraft, you may even discover some hidden talents about him you never knew existed – impressive first person shooting skills on “Call Of Duty”, hidden soccer talent on “Fifa”, or incredible drifting when playing “Need for Speed” could be among these talents.

For older working guys, nothing can more therapeutic than coming home from a stressful day at the office and engaging whole-heartedly in Final Fantasy, with a dedication and focus his boss never knew he was capable of.

And if you have kids that are old enough, a PS4 can even double up as a gift for both the husband and the kids. While the price is slightly steep, think about how it will facilitate father-son bonding time on weekends, enabling you to go on shopping trips with your girlfriends without the husband bugging you.

Budget: $639 for PS4, Xbox One (yet to be released)
Target Group: All guys who are old enough to not want to chew on the controller

For our male readers, are there any items here that are part of your Christmas wishlist? Do share the article with your better half and hopes she get the hint!


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