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4 Stocks This Week (China Focus) [7 June 2019] Hi-P; China Aviation; Ying Li; CapitaLand Retail China Trust

Amid an overall slowdown in China’s economy due to trade tensions, here are some of the best performing China-focused stocks on SGX.

Amid the trade dispute with the United States, China’s economy has slowed, with both industrial output and retail sales growth declining sharply. In April, industrial output growth dropped to 5.4%, compared to 8.5% in March. Retail sales rose by 7.2%, compared to a 8.7% increase in March, and the lowest in more than ten years.

The FTSE ST China Index is a subset of the FTSE ST All-Share Index, comprising stocks that have reported either at least 50% of their revenues from Mainland China, or reported at least 50% of their operating assets are located in Mainland China. The 19 constituents of the index have a combined market capitalisation of more than $60 billion.

From January to May 2019, the index’s 5 best-performing constituents averaged a total return of about 22%. These are Hi-P Intl (+36.1%), China Aviation Oil (+22.0%), Ying Li Intl (+19.8%), EC World REIT (+17.6%) and CapitaLand Retail China Trust (+14.0%).

We’ll take a look at 4 of these stocks in this week’s instalment of 4 Stocks This Week.

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Hi-P Intl (SGX: H17)

Hi-P International is a leading contract manufacturing provider of smartphones, tablet, computers and other consumer electronics.

With 13 manufacturing plants across China, Poland, Singapore and Thailand, Hi-P International provides a one-stop solution to some of the world’s largest companies manufacturing mobile phones, tablets, household and personal care appliance, computing and peripherals, lifestyle, medical devices and industrial devices.

On 2 May 2019, the company reported increase in both revenue and profits in 1Q2019 compared to 1Q2018. 1Q2019 revenue was $286.8 million (versus $281.1 million) and after-tax profits in 1Q2019 was $10.7 million (versus $10.1 million).

Hi-P closed at $1.21 this week, giving it a market capitalisation of $1.07 billion.

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China Aviation (SGX: G92)

China Aviation Oil is the largest physical jet fuel trader in the Asia Pacific region and it is a key supplier of imported jet fuel to China’s civil aviation industry.

The company supplies jet fuel to key international airports in China as well as aviation fuel to airlines at international airports outside of China, including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

China Aviation Oil is a subsidiary of the State-owned China National Aviation Fuel (CNAF) Group Limited, the largest aviation transportation logistics service provider in China, with business in aviation fuel distribution, storage and refuelling services at over 210 airports in China.

China Aviation Oil closed at $1.3 this week. It’s market capitalisation is currently $1.13 billion.

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Ying Li Intl (SGX: 5DM)

Ying Li International Real Estate Limited is a Singapore-based property developer primarily engaged in the development, sale, rental, management and long-term ownership of high quality commercial and residential properties in Chongqing and Beijing.

The company’s portfolio in Chongqing includes the development of various Grade A commercial office buildings, such as Ying Li Zou Rong Plaza, Ying Li Future International and Ying Li International Financial Centre.

On 7 June 2019, the company announced that with immediate effect, Executive Chairman of the Company and Group Chief Executive Officer Fang Ming will be resigning due to personal health reasons. He was appointed as the Executive Chairman on 26 September 2008 and Group Chief Executive Officer on 15 March 2014.

Ying Li closed at $0.139 this week, giving it a market capitalisation of $355.43 million.

CapitaLand Retail China Trust (SGX: AU8U)

Listed since 2006, CapitaLand Retail China Trust is the first China shopping mall REIT in Singapore. The REIT has a portfolio of 11 income-producing shopping malls mostly in mainland China, as well as in Hong Hong and Macau.

All the shopping malls in their portfolio are positioned as one-stop family-oriented shopping, dining and entertainment destinations in large urban areas and are easily accessible via major transportation routes.

The largest single shareholder of CapitaLand Retail China Trust is Temasek Holdings, which owns 37.48%.

Closing at $1.56 this week, CapitaLand Retail China Trust has a market cap of around $1.56 billion.

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