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4 Money Saving Hacks Millennials Are Already Using That You May Not Even Know About

Perhaps Millennials have a thing or two to teach you about saving money.

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Millennials have gotten flak for a lot of things, from being entitled and apathetic to ruining jobs and various industries with their spending habits and social media use. They are often stereotyped to be spendthrift, when they should be managing their money more wisely.

Yes, they may be sipping on expensive coffees and eating avocado toast, but the way they spend may not necessarily be imprudent. We explore 4 millennial money saving hacks that most of us wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

#1 Uber/Grab/Taxi promo codes

You can now get instant access to the latest promo codes for your preferred car-hire options from a bot (@TaxiBot) on Facebook Messenger, or from a Telegram channel (@sgcabpromos).



How it works:

TaxiBot essentially compiles all the relevant ride-hailing promo codes. Simply start a chat with the bot on Facebook Messenger and select Uber, Grab or Comfort.  The bot will give you a list of available promo codes for you to choose from. You can even compare across the options for better deals.

Alternatively, there is a channel on Telegram (an instant messaging platform) by the name of @sgcabpromos where Uber, Grab and Taxi promo codes are broadcasted from time to time.

While some of us here may be unfamiliar with Telegram itself, millennials are already leveraging on platforms like these to get themselves better deals by crowd source. So chances are, they are paying less than you for their Uber/Grab rides.

It should be noted, however, that not all available promo codes are relevant to every customer. Some codes may only be accessible by specific customers, segregated perhaps by loyalty tiers or credit card membership.

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#2 Saving on exchange rates – RateX

With the wide proliferation of e-commerce stores, purchasing from online stores all over the world has become incredibly easy. It has also grown to become quite the headache, considering inflated exchange rates, international transaction fees and other hidden charges.

Using RateX saves you both money and time worrying by solving these problems, giving you the lowest rates (or Google exchange rates) when you shop locally or internationally, at no additional charge.

How it works:

RateX comes in the form of a browser extension, which automatically appears when you reach the ‘Place Your Order’ page. RateX will show you the exchange rate used, total amount to pay and total amount saved. For comparison’s sake, they include a list of how much other banks will charge for the same purchase.


In addition, RateX automatically compiles and applies all relevant discount codes for you before you make payment, on both local and international platforms.

Instead of profiting from charging their customers nominal fees, merchants pay RateX for driving foreign sales, and they pass it on to customers in the form of better exchange rates and no hidden fees. They take a small cut from this business model.

With this extension, there is no need to fuss over which credit cards offer the best exchange rates or lowest foreign transaction fees, as most of us would instinctively think of moving toward.

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At present, RateX only accepts purchases in Singapore dollars, but they are looking to expand to accept more currencies come September this year.

DollarsAndSense readers can not only enjoy the lowest exchange rates and free discount codes offered by RateX, but first-time users who  will receive $8 in cashback from RateX.

# 3 Getting cashback – ShopBack

Another money saving hack: you can get cash back (rebates) for making purchases are already going to make.

ShopBack offers cash returns of up to 10% for shopping online through their platform. They have a fairly extensive list of partners that include over 1,300 local and international e-retailers, offering you a wide variety to make better purchasing decisions with.


How it works:

Access your desired store through ShopBack’s website. You will get redirected to the store’s website, where you can make your purchase as usual. Within 48 hours of making the purchase, you should receive your cashback in your ShopBack account.

ShopBack earns commissions from merchants by driving sales to their sites. In turn, ShopBack passes savings back to you in the form of cash rebates. Definitely useful when shopping online, whether locally or globally.

#4 One-for-One deals – Entertainer

You’re looking for a nice meal, or some fun lifestyle activities, but you worry about the damage it will probably do to your wallet. Try the Entertainer, a mobile app providing books, or packages of incredible one-for-one deals and discount offers for restaurants, cafes and leisure travel options.

How it works:

The Entertainer offers deals in the form of books, or annual packages, sorted by city. Purchase your preferred book (you can see the listed merchants) and enjoy the array of offers available.

The products are valid for one year (2 Jan to 30 Dec every year), everyday excluding public holidays. It sets you back by quite a sum ($75), but with over 2,000 one-for-one offers, the average savings you can get with this app takes you further than you’d expect, at $645 a year.

So it seems, borrowing a trick or two (or four) from the millennials may save you some money after all.

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