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4 Alternatives That You Can Use For Proposing

Some possible ideas for Valentine’s Day this weekend

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Proposing to your partner is about getting the perfect moment and figuring out the right time to pop the question isn’t always straightforward.

Having been in a relationship for a while, you may start asking yourself: “Should I propose?” Even though the old saying goes “when you know, you know,” there are certain moments that feel perfect, but you may just lack the most important element for proposing, which is the ring.

Traditionally, many men think that you need to buy an engagement ring (preferably a diamond) before you can make a proposal to your fiancée-to-be. However, this is not necessarily true. If you and your better half prefer, you can get an engagement ring after your proposal has been accepted. But how then would you propose?

Buying a diamond engagement ring on your own can be daunting. A diamond engagement ring represents the start of the lifelong relationship. Ideally, couples will want to buy a ring that they can choose together. This means unless you are absolutely certain on the kind of engagement ring that she wants, it may be a better idea to go ring-shopping together.

Besides that, a custom-made diamond ring will require some time, hence if you are looking to propose within a short period of time due to the festive season or a particular special occasion, you may have to opt for something else or else you would not be able to spring a surprise wedding proposal on her.

In this article, we share 4 alternatives that you can consider using for your memorable proposal.

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#1 Propose Using A Pre-Engagement Ring

If you still want to spring a surprise wedding proposal, one alternative is to propose using a pre-engagement ring instead. Love & Co recently launched the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring.  This is a perfect self-adjustable ring that you can actually buy and propose to her anytime. It comes with a beautiful engraved message “Will You Marry Me” and a beautiful proposal ring box that fits perfectly into your pocket to help you ace your proposal.  You can take your time to find a moment and a manner that your partner won’t be suspecting and go down to your knees to propose.

In this way, you both can enjoy the moment and she still get to choose her dream diamond ring. Best of all, she gets to keep the LVC Pre-engagement Ring and share with others about this memorable proposal.

Retailing at $299, this Pre-engagement Ring is made with 925 sterling silver and is also available in a rose gold version.

Photo from Love & Co


When you buy the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring, you will receive a $200 cash voucher that can be used when you return to purchase an engagement ring at Love & Co with your fiancée (after she accepts your proposal). This way, you can still spring a surprise proposal to your fiancée and  choose the perfect engagement ring together with her.

#2 “Will You BTO With Me?”

Buying a home together is a clear signal of your intent to live life together with your better half.

In Singapore, the most common way for young couples to get their first home is through the Build-To-Order (BTO) method. Through the fiancé-fiancée scheme, you and your partner can book an HDB flat before both of you are officially married.

While “will you BTO with me?” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, it’s a practical method nonetheless and represents a commitment to be engaged and to get married eventually. After all, if you intend to live and build a family together, a home to call your own is an excellent way to start your marriage.

To add an element of creativity, make a proposal in your new home once you get the keys. This would be a romantic gesture that signifies a new beginning for the two of you – in a place that you both own.

#3 Book An Exciting Staycation Just For The Two Of You

Executing a successful overseas proposal requires extensive pre-planning. Yet, it can also be memorable as you can choose to make the proposal venue anywhere in the world. In future years to come, the two of you can also return to your special place (with the kids hopefully) to recall the memories of that magical moment.

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, traveling overseas may not be viable in 2021. However, this doesn’t mean you need to scrap your plans on a dream wedding venue proposal.

Instead, why not consider a staycation instead? With tons of available hotels and resorts to select from, you will have no shortage of to find a private surprise setting that you want, be it a private pool or a rooftop garden for you to get down on your knees to propose – with an Instagram worthy backdrop in place. And being situated Singapore, this also means it’s easier to visit the same hotel or resort during special occasions in the future.

To be clear, you likely still need a way to propose on top of the staycation venue. This is where something like the Love & Co LVC Pre-Engagement Ring will come in handy to help you spring your surprise wedding proposal.

You can also consider the next item on the list.

#4 Heirloom Engagement Ring/Mom’s Engagement Ring

For those who are sentimental, an heirloom engagement ring could be a perfect ring to propose to your fiancée-to-be. An heirloom engagement ring is a ring that has been passed down from the previous generation. For example, you can consider using the engagement ring that your parents/her parents used for their wedding proposal – with their permission and blessings of course!

While proposing with an heirloom engagement ring ring may hold great significance for you and your parents (or her parents), it’s not a necessity for your fiancée to hold the heirloom engagement ring as her lifelong engagement ring, if she doesn’t want to.

Rather, you can propose using an heirloom engagement ring, and go ring-shopping with her after, so that she can find the perfect engagement ring for herself.

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Contrary to what some may think, there is no right or wrong way to propose so you can (and should) make it as personal as possible. In fact, the most romantic and memorable proposal isn’t the most expensive or elaborate—it just feels true to your and your partner’s personalities. Using any of these practical alternatives mentioned above isn’t meant to be a substitute for an engagement ring. Ace that proposal perfect with the alternatives. Getting that moment perfect first is important, you ace the diamond ring purchase together with her later on.

Once your fiancée accepts your wedding proposal, the two of you can still have fun ring-shopping together for the ideal engagement ring with the $200 voucher given from your purchase of the LVC Pre-engagement ring. This way, beyond just choosing the ideal diamond, your fiancée will also get to choose the right ring body, setting design, metal type and of course, the right ring size for herself.

To find the perfect engagement ring, book an appointment with Love & Co  to chat with a consultant and to check out how Love & Co can help customers with their personalised engagement ring. So, whether it’s a pre-engagement ring or an engagement ring, get it right, from the start as a proposal is a lifetime event for both of you.