[Price Guide & Analysis] – HDB BTO Launch February 2017

HDB announced the launch of the first batch of Build-To-Order (BTO) flats for 2017. A total of 4,056 flats were made available across three different estates – Tampines, Clementi and Punggol.

Here’s a quick look at the number of units available at each location.

Location 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room 3-Gen Total
Punggol 209 723 170 Nil 1,102
Clementi 218 766 521 98 1,603
Tampines Nil 306 236 96 638
Total 427









* There are another 713 2-room flats available only at Punggol. Total percentage do not add up to 100% as we did not include 2-room flats

In terms of unit types, 4-room flats are the most popular consisting of about 44% of total flats on offered. 5-room flats are next at 23%.

Prices of Flats

Source: HDB

How Much Lesser Do I Pay For BTO Flats?

One of the most popular questions among applicants would be the price difference between these BTO flats against similar sized resale flats in the vicinity. To help us with that, the folks at HDB have provided a guide on their site.

We have summarised the information for easy reference.

Location 4-Room BTO, Average Price 4-Room Resale, Average Price 5-Room BTO, Average Price 5-Room Resale, Average Price
Punggol $311,000


$400,000 $441,000


Clementi $491,000


$653,000 $633,000


Tampines $323,000


$428,000 $433,000


Average Discount 23%   18%  


As a whole, 4-room BTO flats tend to enjoy larger discount in percentage term.

It’s also interesting to note that while Tampines is a mature estate and Punggol is a non-mature estate, the prices of flats are relatively similar. This could have something to do with the fact that pointed out in our earlier analysis on the locations, the Tampines location isn’t exactly the most accessible.

Price Difference Between 4-Room Flat And Most Expensive 5-Room Flat

One of the key areas we have talked about in previous articles regarding the affordability of flats is how Singaporeans can save significantly on their HDB purchase if they choose an affordable 4-room flat compared to an expensive 5-room flat in the same estate.

Here’s a quick comparison of the prices between the cheapest 4-room flat and the most expensive 5-room flat in the same location.

Location Most Affordable 4-Room Flat Most Expensive 5-Room Flat Difference Difference (%)
Punggol $257,000


$498,000 $241,000 94%
Clementi $432,000


$694,000 $262,000


Tampines $299,000


$469,000 $170,000




Take a moment to digest this information. It’s pretty staggering isn’t it? In Tampines, the difference between the most affordable 4-room flat and the most expensive 5-room flat is $170,000, or about 56% more. That figure is $262,000 (60%) in Clementi.

What we observe in Punggol blew our mind. While the cheapest 4-room flat in Punggol costs $257,000, the most expensive 5-room flat cost $498,000, a difference of $241,000.

Yes, you are almost paying double for an extra room (20 sqm) and a better location in the same estate (higher level, better view, etc). If you factor in possible grants from the Special CPF Housing Grant, a 5-room flat can easily cost more than double of the 4-room flat.

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We are not trying to suggest that you should get the cheapest flat available just to save money. What we are proposing is that if you are not someone who cares about having a nicer view on a higher level, and don’t really need an extra room in the home, go for something more affordable. Let someone else who really want these things to pay more.

For additional details such as how much more each level will cost you, or what’s the location difference between an expensive 5-room flat and an affordable 4-room flat, we don’t have the information as HDB does not publish the actual price for each individual unit until you receive the sales brochure for the selection of units.

If you have such information from previous launch, you can send it to us via email. We will be happy to take a look at it.

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