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Why You Should Never Buy A Double Filet-O-Fish Burger In Singapore

Because buying the single Filet-O-Fish makes so much more ‘cents’

We love a good Filet-O-Fish as much as the next person. So imagine our delight when McDonald’s launched its Double Filet-O-Fish burger a few years ago. It was double the size (waistline included) and double the joy.

We were blissfully enjoying our Double Filet-O-Fish burger when it suddenly dawned on us one day that we were overpaying for it. And that we could, somehow, outsmart McDonald’s and stretch our hard earned dollar even more.

$2 for Filet-O-Fish, but $5.75 for Double Filet-O-Fish



You do not need to be a mathematical genius to figure out that it makes more sense to buy two Filet-O-Fish burgers rather than one Double Filet-O-Fish. Not only will it be cheaper ($4), but you also get more bang for your buck, in the form of two additional pieces of bread.

Extra Value Meal

Which will you get?

1.Filet-O-Fish Meal ($5) Plus One Filet O-Fish Burger Ala Carte ($2) = $7

2. Double Filet-O-Fish Meal = $7.10

Even if you need to buy the Extra Value Meal, because you just cannot have a McDonald’s meal without some fries and a drink, it still makes more sense to be buying a Filet-O-Fish meal and to then buy an extra Filet-O-Fish burger for your extra piece of fish.

Assuming you are bringing your date to McDonald’s, combining two Filet-O-Fish is unlikely to impress. What will be impressive however (or not, depending on the personality of your date) is your financial prudence.

Why Not The Triple Filet-O-Fish?

And if you are feeling really hungry, creating your own “Triple Filet-O-Fish” will cost just $0.25 more than a Double Filet-O-Fish. Just be sure to snap a picture before you consume it and to send it to us at [email protected] so that we can share how it looks like with the rest of Singapore.

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