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We Tried Ordering UberEATS For Lunch. This Is What We Found Out.

Have you tried ordering through UberEATS?

Our Team decided to try the newest food delivery service UberEATS for lunch yesterday. We wanted to see how much time and money we can save, especially with their $15 off promo code [Promo code: FEED SG – expires 30 June 2016]. This is what we found out.

(Delivery to: 60 Anson Road)


Order for 3 people:

  • Prime Beef burger $15.95
  • Grilled Chicken with Pineapples burger $13.95
  • Duck Rillette burger $13.50

Original Price: $43.40

After Discount (Promo Code: FEEDSG): $28.40 (discount does not show until receipt is received)

Order Time: 12pm

First Estimated Arrival Time (changes based on progress): 12.38pm

Actual Food Arrival Time: 12.38pm (yes, it arrived at the exact time estimated)

Total waiting time: 38 minutes


UberEATS 2BG a
Food Quality

Food came packed in plastic boxes with clear labels. Our burgers were warm and the bun was not soggy at all, wedges were also relatively crispy! Overall a good order, saving us the trouble from having to travel to the restaurant itself.


Order for 5 people:

  • 4 Cheese (Wholemeal Spiral) x2
  • Spricy Cheese (Fusilli)
  • Aglio Olio (Linguini + Prawns) x2

Original Price: $40.13

After Discount (Promo Code: FEEDSG): $25.13

Order Time: 12.20pm

Estimated Arrival Time (changes based on progress): 12.53pm

Actual Food Arrival Time: 1.07pm

Total waiting time: 47 minutes

UberEATS pasta101 bUberEATS pasta101 a

Food Quality

Pasta was nicely packaged in ready-to-eat boxes. Although served warm, the pasta was bland with minimal ingredients and didn’t feel worth the $5 we paid for each box.

How Much It Would Have Cost If We Went There

Two Blur Guys

Time Taken: 5 minutes

Total Cost of Travelling: $0

It would have taken us just 5 minutes to walk there, but no, our managing editor was adamant about intelligent enough to order from the nearest place possible to see how long it would take for the food to arrive. The 38 minutes it took would have probably been shorter than the time it would have taken us to walk there, grab our seats, pick from the menu and wait for our food to be prepared.

(Actually we spent a lot of time deciding on where to order from and how many accounts to use.)

Pasta 101

Time Taken: 12 minutes

Total Cost of Travelling: $1.60 (2-way)

For 5 people, we saved $8 in travelling fare and also around 25 minutes of travelling time by ordering through UberEATS. However, 47 minutes is a relatively long wait for pasta to arrive as it would have taken just about as long to get there and order it ourselves.

Downside: Delivery timing seems short but it changes according to the progress of the food on its delivery chain. Always subject to changes.

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