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Understanding How To Track Your Miles And Credit Card Bonus Caps Using heymax Card Maximiser

Here’s how to track your credit card rewards

heymax is an app that gives Max Miles rewards on top of your usual credit card miles when you shop with the merchants on their platform. Given that Max Miles can be converted to airline or hotel points on a 1:1 basis with heymax’s 24 redemption partners, it offers users a chance to increase the rewards they get.

You may already be familiar with the heymax search engine, which we previously touched on in a previous article. By searching any merchant on heymax, the app tells you the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of the merchant, and based on that, heymax shows the rewards you will receive for that merchant, and also recommends the best card to use.

On top of offering a way to earn more rewards, what is unique about heymax is the fact that they are trying to solve one common problem that mile-hackers face, which is tracking the rewards already earned and whether they are going to hit the bonus cap. To solve this problem, heymax recently launched their Card Maximiser.

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Tracking Miles And Bonus Caps

Tracking miles and bonus caps is important since this may affect a user’s spending decisions. For instance, someone who is reaching the bonus cap may decide to delay a big purchase to the next month or use a different card, so that they can maximise the rewards earned. However, bank apps do not indicate the rewards already earned or whether or not the user is hitting the bonus cap. While it is possible for a user to manually track these, it is tedious to do so.

The Card Maximiser solves this problem by helping users instantly track their miles earned on every transaction and remaining bonus caps. When users link their cards with heymax, Visa shares transaction information with heymax, and heymax uses this data to help keep track of things.

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How heymax Card Maximiser Works

Using heymax Card Maximiser involves a one-time step of linking your card via a secure Visa hosted webpage. Thereafter, any transaction that you make on your card will appear in the heymax app almost instantly, without any manual syncing.

Leveraging the transaction data from Visa, and applying its proprietary rewards logic, heymax is able to identify whether your transaction was eligible for bonus rewards and calculate exactly how many miles you earned from your transactions.

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Keeping Track Of Rewards

Once linked, heymax begins tracking transactions and rewards. In the example above using the HSBC Revolution Card, the user has earned 6,000 points on this card thus far. The user also has $400 remaining before hitting the bonus cap, so if they wish to purchase something that costs more than $400, they will not be getting the full mileage out of this card, and may be better served charging that purchase to another card.

Additionally, they can view the points earned for each transaction. The BUS/MRT transaction only earned 1 point per dollar, while the purchase at Grab Food earned 10 points per dollar. A user who has multiple cards can then make the decision to switch cards to optimise rewards.

heymax Card Maximiser only supports linking Visa cards for now, which means that the transactions on non-Visa cards will not be tracked in the heymax app. However, users can still earn Max Miles for linked cards. heymax plans to enable card linking and tracking for other major card networks in the future.

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Data Is Securely Handled

One common concern that users may have when using services such as heymax’s comes with regards to data security. Other than concerns that a particular service will sell transaction data, there are also concerns about the leakage of credit card information.

When adding a card to heymax, a user will have to key in their credit card details, which includes the card number, expiry date and CVV. For heymax, these details are keyed in through Visa’s secure webpage, which means that heymax does not get access to these details, and therefore it cannot be leaked from heymax.

Once your card is linked, the transaction data received from Visa is strictly kept confidential. This data is not accessible by heymax employees unless users give them explicit consent. The data is stored on Google’s cloud infrastructure, which is regarded as one of the most secure cloud systems in the world. Finally, when a card is unliked, the data is permanently deleted.

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