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Taobao Shopping: Taobao Vs Ezbuy Price & Shipping Cost

ezbuy charges 7% GST even if your item costs less than S$400.

This article was contributed to us by YouTrip.

Should I shop on Taobao or through ezbuy? We bought the same aroma diffusers through Taobao direct and ezbuy to compare the item prices and shipping costs!

We’ve already explored where you can get Muji-style furniture on Taobao, and also Taobao vs ezbuy vs ezShip when it comes to bulky shipping, but many readers have also asked us: “What about regular-sized items? Should we buy and ship directly from Taobao, or rely on ezbuy?”

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To find out, we’ve decided to buy two of the same aroma diffusers – one through Taobao direct and the other through ezbuy. Here’s a quick summary of the prices, shipping costs, and duration before we dive into the details:

Diffuser Shipping Total Duration
Taobao S$23.59 S$7.60 S$31.19 14 days
ezbuy S$25.65 S$4.76 S$30.41 21 days

Taobao Vs Ezbuy: Aroma Diffuser Product Price Comparison

Source: Left picture – Taobao, Right picture – ezbuy

Why an aroma diffuser? It’s a product anyone could use. We selected a brand-less one from Taobao, and we copied the link from Taobao and used that link to search for the same item on ezbuy.

Product Price Remarks
Taobao ¥118.00
3% card waiver
ezbuy ¥118.00
+8% agent fee

Now, right off the bat, you’ll notice one key thing: It’s the same item, with both prices in Chinese Yuan exactly the same. But their prices are different.

From our understanding, that’s because ezbuy charges an 8% agent fee – but that should have added up to S$25.47. Perhaps the final ezbuy price of S$25.65 included some difference in foreign currency exchange rates. This fee was later deducted during shipping payment because ezbuy was running a shipping promotion. More details below!

By the way, during the time of purchase, Taobao also had a 3% card waiver – a frequent waiver voucher that waives the card processing fee and you should always keep a lookout for it on Taobao’s home screen!

Taobao Vs Ezbuy: Aroma Diffuser Shipping Cost Comparison

Source: Left picture – Taobao, Right picture – ezbuy

Both Taobao and ezbuy will require you to pay for shipping after the items have arrived at the warehouse. Instead of charging a flat rate for shipping, you’ll be charged according to shipping method (air or sea) and weight. You can check out ezbuy’s shipping rates here, and refer to our How To Ship From Taobao guide.

Shipping Duration Remarks
Taobao S$7.60 14 days
ezbuy S$4.76 21 days After agent fee and 20% promo, S$7.15 before discount

Why Was Ezbuy’s Shipping Cheaper?

Remember the agent fee? I was wondering why ezbuy’s shipping was so affordable. Then, I realised that ezbuy had waived the agent fee of S$2.15, and added a 20% off the shipping fee which deducted S$0.24. This was because ezbuy was running a promotion that waived agent fees and also a 20% discount on shipping.

(FYI: without the discounts, the total shipping fee would have been S$7.15 – which was S$0.45 cheaper than Taobao’s shipping fee)

Which Platform Should I Use to Do My Everyday Taobao Shopping?

Of course, this all comes down to personal preference. Whichever you choose, there are positives to both!

For the cheapest shipping: ezbuy seems to run regular shipping discounts. With a waived agent fee and a further 20% off sea shipping, ezbuy is a good option if you can catch their sale and you don’t mind waiting for a slightly longer shipping time.

For the fastest shipping: If you want your items as soon as possible, stick to Taobao’s consolidated shipping. Taobao shipping only took 14 days, while ezbuy shipping took 21 days. Again, make sure to look out for that 3% card fee waiver!

For big ticket items: When shopping online, you’ll still need to pay 7% GST if your shipment exceeds S$400. However, ezbuy charges 7% GST even if your item costs less than S$400. Go with Taobao if you’re considering expensive products.

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