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I Went To The Singapore Motorshow 2024 Without The Intention Of Buying A Car. Here’s Why I Think It Was Still Time Well Spent

The best outlet to window shop for cars.

The 16th edition of the Singapore Motorshow 2024 took place at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11 to 14 January 2024. For local car enthusiasts, this annual motoring event not only offered an opportunity to view the latest car models from 25 automotive brands but also to snag some attractive deals.

Coincidentally, the first certificate of entitlement (COE) bidding conducted in January 2024—just before the motorshow—saw Cat A and B prices dropped to the lowest in over a year at $65,010 and $85,010, respectively. Naturally, it piqued my interest in buying a car as it would have had for many others. However, as I had other big-ticket items that was coming due this year, I had to begrudgingly delayed my new car purchase to a later date. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from paying the $8 entrance fee + $1 booking fee to attend the event.

As I entered the exhibition hall, I was overwhelmed by the range of cars on display on my left, right, and centre. Here are some notable car models that caught my attention at the Singapore Motorshow 2024:

The Concept Cars Of Tomorrow

One of the highlights at each motorshow is the unveiling of concept cars. These are new car models designed to showcase cutting-edge styling and technology. While some were exclusively available for limited pre-booking, it gave me a chance to gawk at the possibilities, especially if I could strike the top prize in the Singapore Pool’s Hong Bao draw.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

One of the centrepieces of the motorshow has to be the unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG. Decked out in metallic grey and blue LED lights for its front grille, the Concept EQG EV looked every bit like a beast of a car.

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MG Cyberster

Over at the MG stand, the star attraction was the red cabriolet Cyberster with gull-wing doors. A dream car that would be fitting to drive in a mountainous region with picturesque scenery. Unlike the typical cars in Singapore, this model was in left-hand drive.

Mini Aceman Concept

Mini unveiled the Aceman Concept, which, if it had its own personality, would likely have matched extroverted personality types such as ENFPs and ESFPs. Displayed in sky blue and green, the Aceman Concept was one of the hippest-looking cars at the showroom.

Polestar Electric Roadster

Another beauty of a car was the electric roadster concept by Polestar. Though it was not for sale, the sky-blue concept car, which featured futuristic designs, made the case for Polestar’s vision for future electric sports cars.

The Practical Cars Of Today

While the concept cars were something to be admired, but like many buyers, I eventually shifted my focus to more practical options.

Popular Model

The Mazada 3 (M-Hybrid) is one of the more fuel-efficient and practical sedans, which is coincidentally also frequently used by private hire drivers. It was marked out as the star deal over other Mazada models, with prices starting from $157,888 (inclusive of COE).


The more budget-conscious buyers would have noticed that most cars at the lower end of the price range at the motorshow were between $130,000 and $160,000. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted the Suzuki Swift Hybrid, which had a starting price of $113,888 (inclusive of COE). The popular small hatchback might be the cheapest model at the exhibition.

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Most Expensive

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive car in BMW’s stable at the motorshow was the BMW M Series i5 model. The luxury sedan was on sale, with prices starting from $507,000 (inclusive of COE).

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Owning A Piece Of Your Favourite Brand Beyond The Cars

Other than the cars, some car brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, and Subaru had retail outlets selling their brand merchandise. Though these items, which ranged from apparel to accessories and even bicycles, are sometimes given out as freebies when you purchase a car, they can still be bought separately.

Most of the items on sale were sold at a discount to their standard retail price, like a BMW T-shirt for $65 compared to its retail price of $79.73 or the Mini Cooper Pullback for $17.31 (a 10% discount off the standard price).

Exploring Non-Car Dealer Booths

Slot Car Racing By Intrigg

Other than the show booths by car dealers, I came across one that offered visitors a chance to try out slot car racing. Adrian, the business owner of Intrigg, shared that their intent at the motorshow was to introduce slot car racing as a hobby to more Singaporeans.

He claimed that though the company offers its services mainly to corporate events and birthday parties, anyone can get started easily. A custom-built race circuit starts at $500. It certainly seemed like a hit with both kids and adults (me included), and I could also see why it can be a fun activity to have at corporate events.

Car Buyer-Agent Matching Platform By

Probably unnoticed by most visitors, this small booth nestled in the corner of the hall by was boldly looking to disrupt how Singaporeans buy new cars.

Launched during the motorshow, the new platform seeks to connect prospective car buyers with hand-picked sales consultants. These consultants work with authorised dealers to offer information on the latest deals and even arrange test drives, all while allowing prospective buyers to maintain their privacy by withholding contact details until they are prepared to share them. This helps to eliminate the possibility of pressured sales tactics that might be common when you deal directly with dealer agents.

Car Accessories

There were other booths selling car accessories like cleaning products and WD-40 lubricants, among others, at a discount from the retail prices.

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Car Stunt Show By Russ Swift

A highlight of the motorshow is the thrilling stunt shows by Guinness World Record Russ Swift, known for his high-speed precision parallel parking. The crowd, which was in full attendance, was treated to an exhilarating performance featuring J-turns, high-speed doughnuts, Swift parking, and even balancing a Subaru Forester on two wheels with three passengers.

Despite not getting a chance to experience as a co-driver, the 30-minute performance was truly enjoyable and worth the cost of the entrance ticket itself. After the show, I even had the opportunity to take an autograph with the man himself.

Throwing My Hat To Win A Car From The Lucky Draw

As an extra perk for attending the motorshow, visitors were given a lucky draw ticket to stand a chance of winning either a Subaru Crosstrek e-BOXER Hybrid worth $126,800 (without COE) or a Nissan Kicks e-POWER worth $112,300 (without COE).

Not wanting to miss out on the chance, I entered the draw (seeming with better odds than a lottery) and now eagerly await the results on 24 January 2024, keeping my fingers crossed.

You Don’t Have To Purchase A Car To Get Value Out Of The Motorshow

Though I attended the motorshow without the intention of buying a car during the event period, I still enjoyed the overall experience. It gave me an opportunity to look, touch, and feel different cars—from expensive to lower-range models—that I might otherwise not have known or had the chance to do so. If at least, I now have the tangible experience to manifest for one (like the BWM M i5).

Beyond cars, I also had fun playing some of the games, like the Simulator Racing Rig at the Toyota booth, the motion sensory game at the AIG booth, and slot racing at the Intrigg booth. Though I did not get to win any prizes, they added a different form of excitement.

Lastly, as a first-time spectator of car stunt shows, I was awed by the stunts displayed by Russ Swift who was not only skilled but also good at engaging the crowd. My experience underscores that you can enjoy the motorshow just like any convention, even if, like me, you’re not looking to buy a car.

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