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Price Guide To Booking A Chalet In Singapore

Enjoy your next barbeque with family and friends at these chalets 

In Singapore, chalets are synonymous with family and friends gathering to enjoy each other company, drinks, and food in a villa-type house. However, in other countries, a chalet is a traditional wooden lodging found in mountain areas that people use for camping, a retreat from the hectic city life or to spend some private time with their loved ones.

Well, we might not have mountains in Singapore, nor do we have acres of open fields to gaze open whilst sipping that strong brew of coffee in your hands. We do have smoked-up chalets filled with barbequed aromas, families with children running around and the ever-so-familiar brutalist architecture we know so well.

To help you plan for your next staycation getaway with your loved ones, here is a guide to booking chalets in Singapore.

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Different Price Tiers And Peak Seasons

Most chalets have varying prices due to demand or expected demand. For example, chalet prices can go up by 200% during Christmas. The Rainforest Room at D’Resort for dates 24 November to 25 November 2023 goes for $178 per night, whereas the same room type from 30 to 31 December 2023 is priced at $288 per night. Of course, this is not just for D’Resort but applies to other chalets as well.

As they are often used as a mini family getaway for a day or two or to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, most chalets are fully booked during weekends, even on non-public holiday weeks

Club Members Get Rewarded And Priority Booking

If you hold an NTUC or HomeTeam NS membership, great news, you get discounts and freebies. Usually, members of clubs get unique discounts and priority when booking accommodations.

The ManCaves facilities at HomeTeam NS Khatib price it at $201.87 (4 hours, off-peak) whilst charging guests $403.74 for the same. SAFRA, JOM, Social or Passion members are also entitled to discounts at HomeTeam NS Bukit Batok Chalets, albeit at a slightly higher price than HomeTeam NS members. If you are an NTUC member booking D’Resort, you can enjoy unlimited access to Wild Wild Wet and other privileges.

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Chalets In Singapore

Name  Location  Price Range* (per day) 
Aranda Country Club Pasir Ris $194.40 to $669.60
CSC @ Changi 1 Changi $257.57 to $670.01
CSC @ Changi 2 Changi $138.60 to $731.81
CSC @ Loyang Pasir Ris $284.70 to $808.15
Cherryloft Pasir Ris Ask on enquiry
Gallop Kranji Farm Resort Lim Chu Kang $160 to $800
Heritage Chalets Pasir Ris $138.89 to $462.96
HomeTeam NS Bukit Batok (West Villa) Bukit Batok $256.38 to $423.92
(For min two nights)
HomeTeam NS Bedok Reservoir (East Villa) Bedok $403.74 to $872.07
HomeTeam NS Khatib (ManCaves) Khatib $201.87 to $504.67
National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) Changi $135 to $599.40
The Chevrons Boon Lay $155 to $620

*Prices as of 23/11/2023.

Many of these chalets have recently been upgraded in the past few years and sport a fresh new modern look with updated technology, facilities, and amenities. Do check with the relevant booking sites for availability and the latest prices.

Most of these chalets have limited public transportation to shuttle people from main transportation hubs like interchanges or MRT stations.  Therefore, it will be a good time to plan your group’s itinerary or even hire shuttle services if you have a large group to cater to.  Many chalets like Cherryloft and D’Resort are in the heart of Pasir Ris – next to Pasir Ris Park. Whilst NSRCC and CSC Changi are in Changi, close to Changi Village.

#1 Aranda Country Club

Nestled right next to Downtown East, Aranda Country Club has been a part of Pasir Ris ever since the estate began sprawling with HDBs. The Country Club is owned by Resorts Concepts Pte Ltd and they manage the chalets, gymnasium, swimming pools and Pavilion.

Key Facilities: Multi-story chalet housing with open-air BBQ pits on the first floor.

#2 The Civil Service Club (CSC) Chalets

The CSC took over the Aloha line of chalets and rebranded it as CSC Changi 1, 2 and Loyang. Known for their coastal views and family-oriented layouts, the 3 locations are nostalgic enough that most if not all Singaporeans have spent some time hanging out with their friends or enjoyed a large family gathering at one of their chalets

Key Facilities: Wide array of chalets to choose from, with different locations and various layouts.

#3 Cherryloft resorts

Part of the line of chalets located in Pasir Ris, the Cherryloft complex of chalets is nicely located right next to Pasir Ris Park. Boasting as an affordable event venue for gatherings and parties. It sports amenities such as swimming pools and BBQ pits.

Key Facilities: Adult and kid-sized swimming pools, with air-conditioned chalet buildings.

#4 Gallop Kranji Farm

Finally, a non-Pasir Ris chalet. Located right at Neo Tiew lane, the Gallop Kranji Farm boasts nature-filled activities such as the birds’ nest museum, herbal farm tour and a fishing arena for the family.  It can be a wonderful place for a staycation for couples or a great family getaway to a more “kampong” lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Key Facilities: super affordable food options with nature-filled activities and kampong-themed rooms that are built in nature.

#5 Heritage Chalets

Located deep west in Pasir Ris park, the brutalist design of heritage chalets brings back a hint of nostalgic 1990s Singapore of how the old Pasir Ris was. The chalets are able to host huge groups or you can book their dome tents out in the field for a more “meadowish” vibe to your staycation with your significant other.

Key Facilities: Right next to Pasir Ris park, Heritage Chalets is able to host large groups of 10–14 people. It has BBQ pits and housekeeping services available, including an on-site halal restaurant.

#6 Hometeam NS

A non-profit association recreation club to recognise the contributions of NSmen of the SPF and SCDF forces. HomeTeamNS has locations scoured around the island with many amenities to enjoy.  Cornering off an area, The West Villa at the Bukit Batok location has a sanctuary-like environment built for families to come together to enjoy an event. Besides that, you can also take a short walk to the HomeTeamNS main building for more amenities or the HomeTeamNS Adventure Centre for adventurous outdoor activities.  Passion, SAFRA, JOM and Social members can also enjoy the chalets at a discounted rate too.

Key Facilities: Sanctuary-like built environment with open spaces for activities, gym, tennis court and BBQ pits.

#7 National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC)

Located right at the tip of East Coast Park towards the Changi front, NSRCC sports a lexicon of amenities and activities for both members and the public. The chalets at NSRCC are clustered into a suburban layout with ample parking for staycationers and their guests.  The resort has security and staff roaming around, which adds an extra layer of comfort. On top of that, if you do play golf, you can also sign up for a round of 18-hole on their recently rejuvenated golf courses.

Key Facilities: Gym, Tennis court, golf course, next to east coast park and 5min walk to the Sea Sports centre for food options and water sports activities.

#8 The Chevrons

One of the few west side locations to have chalets, The Chevrons, formerly known as the SAF Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Club, its history dates back to when the British Armed Services used it as their own recreational club for soldiers.  The Chevrons has chalet and bungalow options for your choosing. Both options are fully airconditioned with the usual amenities such as TVs, refrigerators, safe deposit boxes and queen-size beds for you and your family members to enjoy in comfort.

You will also be able to take advantage of the chalets/bungalows location and enjoy the facilities that The Chevrons have to offer such as a swimming pool, gym darts room and other food options.

Key Facilities: Gym, swimming pool, spa & wellness centre and BBQ pits.

This article was originally published on 10 November 2022 and updated with the latest pricing information.

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