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Price Guide to Country Club Memberships in Singapore

Membership to prestigious country clubs is still highly sought after and can be very expensive.

Just like how Hollywood movies talk about rag to riches American dream, you may be familiar with the 5Cs of Singapore that somewhat represents our version of the Singapore dream. The traditional 5Cs are Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium and Country Club Membership. And as the standard of living improves for the average Singaporean over the years, it seems like getting the 5Cs is no longer a dream.

With more Singaporeans going on yearly overseas trips (if not for the pandemic) and staycations, the idea of having a country club membership may seem less enticing than it used to be. However, it is still quite popular among some Singaporeans considering the convenience and privileges it provides.

Benefits of Having A Country Club Membership

A country club provides one-stop access to a diverse range of sports and lifestyle facilities including golf course, gym, swimming pool, tennis court, restaurants and meeting/function rooms. Individuals can engage in recreational activities with their families or enjoy TGIF drinks with friends in a private setting without having to worry about the crowds on weekends.

For certain clubs, there may also be social activities such as dance classes and workout sessions for members who are keen to experience something different or make new friends along the way.

On the other hand, working professionals may see country club membership as a way to gain entry into more exclusive communities where they can meet high-net-worth individuals or build rapport with prospective business contacts over a golf session.

Different Types of Country Club Membership

Not all country club memberships are the same. For some country clubs that prefer to be less exclusive, certain amenities such as restaurants and sports facilities may be opened up to the public.

Country clubs may also offer membership tiers that are relatively more affordable (and that come with fewer privileges).

Term membership, the most inclusive and entry-level membership type, is open to anyone to apply and is typically renewable on a yearly or term basis as long as you can afford the entrance fees. Depending on the club, there may be term membership options with varying duration (longer than 1 year) that are available for application.

As a term member, you can access the usual club facilities and enroll your immediate family members to enjoy the facilities as well. Membership is strictly non-transferable, meaning you cannot transfer your ownership to someone else (even your immediate kin). You are unable to vote, hold office or serve on any of the club committees.

Full or Ordinary membership is a type of membership – usually transferable and valid over a longer duration or lifetime – that is issued in limited quantities. Many clubs tend to restrict their membership quota to maintain the value that comes with exclusivity, top-notch service and facility management. As such, the only way to get an ordinary membership is through the transfer of ownership from another member through friends or open sales listing. There may be Local Ordinary membership that is transferable to Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) and Foreign Ordinary membership that is transferable to non-Singapore Citizen or PR.

Some country clubs also offer Corporate membership, another membership type that is transferable but is purchased by and registered under a corporation’s name. This could be relevant if you run a business.

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Factors To Consider Before Getting A Membership

The first thing to consider is of course whether you can afford the membership fees. Typically, membership fees, whether ordinary or term, is paid on a lump-sum basis.

Next, deciding whether a country club membership is worth the price tag depends on a variety of reasons that are rather subjective in nature.

For instance, you need to assess if the type of club facilities suits your interests. If you are a passionate golfer, then having access to a golf course will surely be at the top of your priority and going for a country club that is well known for its golf course makes sense.

In this case, you are likely to visit the club often and enjoy the facilities. Or perhaps, you are someone who enjoys a diverse range of sports including tennis, swimming and working out so you need a country club that meets your needs.

Having a transferable membership means you are able to transfer ownership (i.e. sell) to another member at a potentially higher market price in the future, depending on the popularity of the club at that point in time. As such, a transferable membership, while likely to be more expensive, could also be more valuable than a term membership.

There are also exclusive clubs that enrol members strictly by-invite or referrals from existing members. Their club membership may be perceived to be of a higher market value due to the exclusivity factor.

Country Clubs For Golfers

#1 Singapore Island Country Club

A club where the dawn of golf started, the Singapore Island Country Club holds an unrivaled heritage and status as the oldest and grandest golf and country club in Singapore. The club has different golf courses such as Bukit Course that sprawls the MacRitchie Reservoir, Island Course with a picturesque view, and the 27-hole New Course designed for serious golfers to hone their skills.

Key Facilities: Multiple golf courses, tennis & squash court, billiards & pool, membership programmes such as dance classes.

Membership Types & Fees:

Term membership: $28,800 / year

Ordinary membership: $300,000+ based on open Sales Listing

Corporate membership: $350,000+ based on open Sales Listing

Location: 180 Island Club Road Singapore 578774

#2 Laguna National Club

As one of Singapore’s premier golf and country clubs, Laguna National boasts two 18-hole courses that have won prestigious accolades and hosted international championships. It is a prominent club in both the local and regional golf scene. Beyond the golf courses, it offers outstanding resort, spa and sporting amenities that make it an ideal getaway destination.

Key Facilities: 18-hole golf courses, Dusit Thani Laguna Resort, spa, Laguna lifestyle programmes including pottery & sculpting, Chinese painting and float it etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Individual Golfing, Corporate Golfing, Social: To enquire

Location: 11 Laguna Golf Green, Singapore 488047

#3 Orchid Country Club

Located along the picturesque waterways of the Sungei Seletar Reservoir, Orchid Country Club boasts beautiful golf courses with a breathtaking view of fairways and greeneries. Designed under the guidance of the late former President of Singapore, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, the club’s three 9-hole golf courses played host to international championships in 2010 and 2011.

Key Facilities: 27-hole golf Course, Orchid Golf & Resort Hotel, sports and lifestyle programmes including scuba diving, social & ballroom dance, functional fitness etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Term Individual Golfing (Gold): $9,000 (local), $10,000 / year (foreign)

Term Individual Social: $1,500 / year (union), $1,700 / year (public)

Term Corporate: $7,800 / card

Full membership: Refer to Transfer Procedures

Corporate Golfing, Social: To enquire

Location: 1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162

#4 Seletar Club

Set in the heart of the countryside, Seletar Country Club is a haven of tranquillity added with a touch of unique British isle flavor. It is the first golf course in Singapore to use the Zoysia Zeon turf grass and one of the most advanced irrigation system in Asia for sustainable management. Members can enjoy a game of golf against a scenic backdrop of lush greenery and waterfall in the ‘Best Renovated Golf Course in Asia Pacific’ awarded by Global Golf Awards 2020.

Key Facilities: Scenic golf course, sports and social activities such as tennis, martial arts, personal training

Membership Types & Fees:

Ordinary/Corporate membership: $21,600 + transfer fee + $178.20 / month

Social membership: $12,960 joining fee + $5,400 + transfer fee + $86.40 / month

Seletar Lifestyle membership: $3,240 (1-year), $5,400 (2-year), $6,480 (3-year)

Location: 101 Seletar Club Rd, Singapore 798273

#5 Tanah Merah Country Club

As one of the leading golf destinations in Singapore and the Asia region, Tanah Merah Country Club boasts two immaculate golf courses– Garden Course and Tampines Course that welcomed beguiled golf greats, dignitaries, and celebrities over the years. Strategically located on Singapore’s East Coast, it is also home to an Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis and squash court and F&B outlets.

Key Facilities: 18-hole golf course, Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis and squash court, badminton court, table tennis court, mahjong room

Membership Types & Fees:

Ordinary membership: $32,400 transfer fee + $216 / month (Local), $54,000 transfer fees + $216 / month (Foreign)

Corporate membership: $32,400 transfer fee + $16,200 nomination fee (Local), $54,000 transfer fee + $16,200 nomination fee (Foreign)

Location: 1 Tanah Merah Coast Road Singapore 498722

Country Clubs For Water Sports

#6 Raffles Marina Club

Raffles Marina Club was the first Five Gold Anchor rated marina in the Asia-Pacific region after opening in 1994. Over the years, it remains as the largest corporate, premier marina, country club, megayacht hub and nautical lifestyle centre. It has hospitality rooms, banqueting facilities, a sensurround theatrette, pools and games facilities.

Key Facilities: Berths and yachts, Raffles Marina Hotel, aerobics room, sea sports such as cruises, sailing, boating course, breakwater fishing etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Individual Membership: $3,888 (till 2049) + $139.10 / month

Term Membership: $2,140 (three years) + $139.10 / month
Corporate Membership: $8,888 (till 2049)

+ $139.10 / month

Starter Membership: No entrance fee. $32.10 / month (members 17 to 25 years old), $53.50 / month (members 26 to 30 years old)

Dolphin Membership: $214 entrance fee + $16.05 / month berthing fee or $26.75 / month for Laser or Byte. (Minimum qualification of Singapore Sailing Dinghy Proficiency Level 1 or Optimist Junior certification)

Location: 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404

Country Clubs For Wine and Dine

#7 Tower Club

Tower club brings a premier dining experience in the bustling CBD for professionals to network over business lunch or relax in the cosy bars. It prides itself on providing superior facilities and personalised service to its members and guests.

Key Facilities: Wine & Dine restaurants including Atlantic, Ba Xian restaurant, Straits Bar etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Term, Individual/Corporate Transferable, Corporate Group: To enquire

Existing member can pay $1,575 to upgrade to Emeritus membership (monthly dues exempted after turning 65 years old)

Location: 9 Raffles Place, Penthouse (62nd – 64th Floors), Republic Plaza Tower 1, Singapore 048619

#8 Raffles Town Club

Named after the enigmatic founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, Raffles Town Club was conceived to revive the Old English tradition of exquisite urban living. It has established a reputation as one of the most elegant social clubs in Singapore and positioned as a haven for a multi-faceted lifestyle.

Key Facilities: Suites, Wine and Dine restaurants including Café & Terrace (Continental), The Chinese restaurant, Miyabi Japanese restaurant, theatre room, sports and recreation programmes such as kickboxing, zumba fitness, functional fitness etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Individual membership: Principal member: $86.40 / month; Supplementary member: $43.20 / month; Junior member (15 to 20 years): $21.60 / month

Corporate membership: Currently not available

Location: 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753

Country Clubs for Family Leisure

#9 Aranda Club

Aranda Country Club is a proprietary Club of the Pasir Ris Resort Pte Ltd, located next to Downtown East. It offers a range of luxurious suites that are popular for staycations and event spaces for cosy celebrations.

Key Facilities: Executive suites, kids-friendly spaces such as playroom and reading room, and activities such as cookie class.

Membership Types & Fees:

Full membership: $1,500 joining fee + $48.60 / month + $200 refundable deposit

Term membership: $918 (Public), $810 (NTUC member) / year

Union Corporate membership: To enquire

Location: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497

#10 Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Serangoon Gardens Country Club is one of the oldest and most well-respected clubs in Singapore. Established in 1955 by Mr. S. C. Macey and some residents of Serangoon Gardens, it prides itself as a Members’ Club. Today, the Club boasts a strong heritage of patrons such as Mr. George Yeo, Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua and Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, Ms Sylvia Lim.

Key Facilities: Tennis and squash court, table tennis court, darts lounge, billiard room, family-friendly facilities such as kids’ playroom and water play area, jackpot and mah-jong room (closed temporarily)

Membership Types & Fees:

Ordinary membership: $21,400 entrance fee + $80.25 / month (Single) or $90.95 (with spouse and children below 21)

Term membership: $1,605 entrance fee (6-mth), $2,568 (1-year), $4,494 (2-year) + $90.95 / month (Single) or $101.65 (with spouse and children below 21)

Corporate membership: $37,450 entrance fee + $80.25 / month (Single) or $90.95 (with spouse and children below 21)

Location: 22 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557271

Country Clubs for Public Officers

#11 Civil Service Club @ Changi

Located next to Changi Village, CSC @ Changi is a beachfront clubhouse with quality accommodations that provide a laid back retreat and get-together for families. CSC @ Changi ll is the Former Aloha Changi, and is only a short walk away from the main clubhouse.

Facilities: Suites, villas and terraces, chalets, rooftop bbq pit, tennis court, swimming pool, playground

Membership Types & Fees:

Ordinary membership (Civil servants): $72 (1-year), $360 (5-year)

Associate membership (Public): $300 (1-year), $900 (3-year)

Supplementary membership (Digital): Existing members can apply for spouse, children below 21 and parents at no additional cost

Location: 2 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508503

#12 National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) 

National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is a golf and country club set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen including NSmen who have served national service and full-time NSmen. Members enjoy two clubs for the price of one. NSRCC offers a 18-hole championship course with full clubhouse facilities at NSRCC Changi and an 18-hole golf course at NSRCC Kranji.

Key Facilities: Championship golf course, bungalow chalets, sea sports such as windsurfing, sailing, corporate sailing and Family Experiential sail programme.

Membership Types & Fees:

For NSmen currently serving NS/Full-Time National Servicemen:

Ordinary membership: $1,938 (2-year)

Ordinary membership: $4,522 (5-year, Full), $2,423 (5-year, Basic)

Ordinary membership: $7,338 (10-year, Full), $4,038 (10-year, Basic)

For NSmen who completed NS obligations:

Associate membership: $2,372 (2-year)

Associate membership: $5,048 (5-year, Full), $2,625 (5-year, Basic)

Associate membership: $8,095 (10-year, Full), $4,442 (5-year, Basic)

Location: 10 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739

Country Clubs for Expat Communities

#13 The British Club

The British Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a home away from home to a diverse community of members across over 50 nationalities. The Club houses several restaurants and banquet venues, with an unparalleled range of sporting and family-friendly amenities.

Facilities: Swimming pool, spa, library, tennis and squash court, sporting programmes such as cricket, rugby, martial arts, football etc.

Membership Types & Fees:

Term membership: $4,860 (1-year) + $204.12 / month (single) or $265.68 / month (family)

Lifetime membership: $8,640 (non-transferable) + $204.12 / month (single) or $265.68 / month (family)

Lifetime membership: $21,600 (transferable) + $204.12 / month (single) or $265.68 / month (family)

Location: 73 Bukit Tinggi Rd, Singapore 289761

#14 American Club

The American Club is a private Members’ Club located in the Orchard Road area that helps residents in Singapore to expand their business network and make new friends within the expat-local community. The Club boasts a full range of dining, wellness and recreational options for the entire family.

Key Facilities: Bowling, gym, tennis and squash court, recreational programmes such as pilates, aquatics and tennis

Membership Types & Fees:

Ordinary membership (U.S./Canadian citizens): $26,748.00 (Lifetime)

Service membership (U.S./Canadian military personnel): $15,140.50 (Lifetime)

Term membership (non-U.S./non-Canadian/non-Singaporean): $8,025.50 (1-year)

Transferable membership: $27,757.00 (Lifetime), subject to open market availability

Location: 10 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229573

#15 Tanglin Club

The Tanglin Club was one of the pillars of social life in Singapore for distinguished members of the European community back in the 90s.

From “forty good men” to over 4,000 members today, the Club has amassed an international and cosmopolitan community of members across over 70 nationalities among its Members.

Key Facilities: suites, gym, lawn bowl, swimming pool, sports and recreational activities such as balut, scuba diving, darts, chess, ten-pin bowling

Membership Types & Fees:

Term membership, Ordinary membership: To enquire

Location: 5 Stevens Road, Singapore 257814

This article was first published on 11 Feb 2022 and updated with additional information.

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