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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Part-Time Cleaners In Singapore?

It costs about $80 a week to have a part-time cleaner come and do the household chores for you.

If you dread spending your precious weekends doing household chores, hiring a part-time cleaner or maid may be the solution. Unlike hiring a full-time live-in maid, you retain the privacy of your own home while the part-time cleaner does the onerous household chores.

How much do you pay for this privilege of having your home cleaned by someone else? Here is a guide to how much it cost to hire a part-time cleaner/ housekeeper/ maid in Singapore.

What Can A Part-Time Cleaner Do For You And How Much Does It Cost?

In general, part-time cleaning services can be arranged on an ad hoc basis or more commonly, on a regular schedule (e.g. weekly or biweekly). Each session is about 3 to 4 hours to allow the cleaner to complete their cleaning tasks. This typically includes vacuuming, mopping and dusting, wiping down of kitchen surfaces, cleaning of bathrooms, and making of beds. Laundry and ironing are typically charged separately while extra charges may apply for specific tasks like cleaning of ceiling fans or washing of windows.

Typically, the rates are around $20 per hour in blocks of 3 or 4 hours; $60 to $80 a week or $240 to $320 a month for weekly cleaning.

Should You Choose A Professional Cleaning/ Housekeeping Service, Part-Time Maid Agency Or Independent Cleaner?

There are three main sources to find part-time help for your household cleaning needs: 1. A professional housekeeping or cleaning service, 2. A part-time maid agency or 3. An independent cleaner.

Professional housekeeping or cleaning services operate on a company model and have a team of professionally trained cleaners on hand to meet your cleaning needs. The cleaners are salaried employees and received professional training or certification. This means that you can expect that your cleaning schedule will not be disrupted even if your regular cleaner falls ill. They may also provide deep cleaning services for a more thorough clean, such as for rental inspections or prior to moving in or out. In general, professional cleaning services are slightly more expensive but more reliable and professional.

Some professional cleaning service providers include:

  • HomeFresh ($288 per month for 1x per week, 4 hour session, $18 per hr)
  • NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service, ($330 per month for 1x per week, 4 hour weekend session)
  • HomeCleanz ($350 per month for 1x per week, 3 bedroom condo or 4-room/ 5-room HDB)
  • Rooma ($368 per month for 1x per week, 4 hour session)
  • Helpling ($368 per month for 1x per week, 4 hour session, $23 per hr)
  • AuntieClean ($427 per month for 1x per week, 4 hour session)

A part-time maid agency operates on a platform model and links up customers with freelance cleaners. The agency vets the cleaners and may provide training opportunities. Some agencies charge an additional agency fee on top of the cleaner’s hourly fee. Depending on the agency, there may not be any back-up cleaner at hand if your designated cleaner does not show up. However, like a matchmaking agency, a part-time maid agency allows you greater choice on your preferred part-time maid/ cleaner and greater flexibility in terms of timing.

Some part-time maid agencies include:

Independent cleaners are much harder to find; you typically find them through word-of-mouth. They could be your neighbourhood auntie looking for extra income or a bored housewife/ domestic goddess who is willing to lend a hand. As they are not limited by agency or company rules, they may be willing to take on additional tasks such as cooking or babysitting. However, you would also run the risk that they may not show up due to illness or family issues. Additionally, some foreign independent cleaners may not be working legally as they are on social visit passes and not work permits.

You can try searching for independent cleaners through platforms like Carousell or Gumtree or ask through your neighbourhood auntie network.

Part-Time Cleaners Allow You To Outsource The Household Chores

Depending on your cleaning needs, it may be worth considering hiring a part-time cleaner if you can afford it and wish to spend your weekends enjoying a clean home instead of cleaning the house.

Additionally, if you are constrained by space, you may not have the option of hiring a full-time, live-in maid. Compared to a live-in maid, hiring a part-time cleaner can be cheaper while allowing you to retain your privacy at home.

Cost of hiring a full-time, live-in maid: $906 per month or $1,146 per month, with no concessionary levy

Cost of hiring a part-time cleaner to clean once a week for 4 hours each time: $288 to $430 per month

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