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DollarsAndSense Took The OCBC Financial Wellness Index Survey – Here’s How Well We Scored And What We Learnt

Whether it is the latest trendy diet or new workout craze, Singaporeans are quick to embrace better ways of staying healthy. But how healthy are our personal finances?

This article was written in collaboration with OCBC. Views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of

Based on the inaugural OCBC Financial Wellness Index, Singaporeans scored an average of 63 (out of 100) when it comes to financial wellness.

Here’s an infographic with 10 pillars to help you find out how financially healthy you are.

While the survey isn’t available to the public, DollarsAndSense’s very own Dinesh Dayani was curious to find out how well (or how badly) he will score. So, we decided to make our way down to OCBC to see if they would let him take the test…and they kindly did!

Here’s what happened:

For your convenience, here are the various sections:

0:28 – Taking the OCBC Financial Wellness Index Survey

1:29 – Getting a final score

1:44 – Review of the OCBC Financial Wellness Index Survey Score

3:33 – Writer’s key learnings from the OCBC Financial Wellness Index Survey

Find out more about the OCBC Financial Wellness Index here. 

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