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What Is A Financial Wellness Index – And What Does It Say About How Financially Healthy You Are?

Just as a doctor takes measurements like blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing, here are 10 important indicators that can give you a better idea about your financial health.

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Singaporeans take their health seriously, and rightly so! With the world’s longest life expectancy at 84.8 years, Singaporeans can claim to be one of the healthiest people in the world.

But good health is best paired alongside good personal finance planning. Similar to how we take care of our health, we should likewise make it a point to make sure our financial health is well taken care of.

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OCBC’s Financial Wellness Index found that Singapore scored an average of 63. This means that the average Singaporean is in the ‘Started but behind’ stage of their financial journey. 48% of respondents do not have passive income and only 51% can stretch their savings to last 6 months.

How can you tell if you are in good financial health? We have a simple checklist for you to refer to!

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Improve Your Financial Literacy

To help Singaporeans better plan their finances, OCBC has launched the OCBC Financial Masterclass, an online financial literacy course that consists of 10 short videos.

Conducted by their own financial experts, these videos will touch on these topics:

  • Manage Your Wealth
  • Manage Your Debt
  • Safeguard Your Wealth
  • Grow Your Wealth

OCBC has made this Financial Masterclass available for all Singaporeans online, whether you are an OCBC consumer or not. Get started on your financial wellness by watching these videos here.

You can also pick up quick tips with these 10 OCBC Wealth Hacks. Each video with a wealth hack will take you less than 30 seconds to complete.

Take the necessary steps to improve your financial wellness and learn these wealth hacks here.

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