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5 Things You Can Do With OCBC Pay Anyone That You (Probably) Never Knew You Could With A Cardless Lifestyle Payment App

You can go cashless and start paying bills on your mobile phone.

OCBC Pay Anyone

This article was written in collaboration with OCBC. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

Would you rather lose your wallet or handphone?

It would not be surprising if an overwhelming majority of people say they would prefer to lose their wallets in this fictional scenario. Many of us take it for granted that we can get by without our wallets, but not our phones.

This answer isn’t just because of our need to stay connected to our family and friends, social media and work. Rather, a lot of the important things in our wallets, like our Identification Card, Driver’s Licence and credit cards have already been ported onto our phones.

The rise of cardless lifestyle payment apps, such as OCBC Pay AnyoneTM, allows us to make PayNow transactions at many merchants and businesses by either scanning a QR code or using their UEN numbers. Today, many apps go a step further by providing access to different lifestyle deals ranging from shopping to dining and even transport.

This makes it convenient to make a variety of payments; from sending money to others to paying for our groceries and meals at the hawker centre. The OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app doesn’t just stop there – it enables us to do a lot more. Here are 5 things you may not know you could do.

#1 Cardless Withdrawals From ATMs

Even the most basic use for our wallets – to keep physical money – is going obsolete. Through an extensive network of OCBC ATMs throughout Singapore, cash is easily accessible via our OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app.

Personally, I’ve heard of this function, but never used until recently: when I left my house in a rush with my 2-year-old son who was adamant about seeing the moon from different angles. Along the way, he was thirsty, and being the stereotypical dad, I didn’t bring his water bottle. This was also when I realised I didn’t have a single cent (or card) on me.

Fortunately, I had my phone. I saw an OCBC ATM at the back of a supermarket. Withdrawing cash from the ATM was a very intuitive process – so no need for anyone to worry about never having done this.

On the ATM screen, I simply needed to tap on the option to withdraw cash using my OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app. A QR code appeared on the screen, and all I needed to do was scan the QR code using my OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app.

An option for the amount I can withdraw popped up. After putting in the amount I wanted to withdraw, the ATM dispensed my money. Easy-peasy, except with a toddler running amok – remember to take the cash!

Cashless Withdrawal with OCBC Pay Anyone app

Source (for all screenshots): OCBC Pay AnyoneTM

#2 Pay Your Bills (And Get Rewarded)

A brand new feature on the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app is the ability to pay a range of bills. It doesn’t just take away the need for physical cash in your daily life, the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app also removes the need to make bill payments physically. Even more conveniently, you can now pay for your credit cards, loans, insurance, town councils fees, healthcare, memberships, and other types of bills.

 OCBC Pay Anyone paying bills

Such bill payments can be made in just 3 simple steps now:

1) Log in to your OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app and click on “Pay” to pay bills;

2) Select the category you want to pay, and input your bill details; and

3) Select “Pay”.

OCBC Pay Anyone paying AXS

The OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app connects you directly to the AXS network when paying these bills.

Within your app, you can also add individual payees to Favourites for recurring bills.

 OCBC Pay Anyone adding payees to favourites

#3 Split Bills And Request Payment

There will always be instances where you or someone else pays for an item first, and splits the cost afterwards. Chasing payments is never convenient, and keeping track of these payments is even less fun.

Through the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app, you can simply hit the “Request” option at the bottom of the screen (circled in red) to “Request money or split a bill” without having to constantly check in with the other person.

This feature is quite handy as you can choose to split the bill equally (or not), and upload a receipt for the transaction. You can also send reminders to the individual if they haven’t paid up by the time you access the app next.

The bonus: no need to download a separate expense splitting app to keep track of such payments. This function also comes with a receipt scanner to share with the other person, or for your own reference.
OCBC Pay Anyone bill split

#4 Enjoy Attractive Rewards

Beyond its cardless payment functions, you can also browse exclusive shopping and dining deals and other promotions on the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app. By clicking on the “Deals” tab at the bottom of the screen, you can preview an extensive list of promotions.

One that caught my eye as a movie buff (who wanted to watch Thor: Love and Thunder) was the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM Exclusive promotion with Cathay Cineplexes – offering a pair of standard weekday movie tickets and Medium Popcorn Combo for S$15.50, nearly 50% off the usual S$30.50 price tag.

 OCBC Pay Anyone promos

There are also various other shopping, dining and healthy living promotions. For those interested in travel, the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app also connects you to preferential rates for hotels, flights and car rental bookings. Simply select Travel with OCBC within the app to make your travel-related bookings. On top of that, you will receive a S$50 e-voucher too!

OCBC $50 e-Voucher for Travel

#5 Multi-Partner Loyalty Platform – STACK

The OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app also connects you to STACK, a multi-partner loyalty platform powered by OCBC Bank.

This feature lets you keep track of your points with multiple partners within a single platform. For example, you will have an overview of your OCBC$ Rewards, OCBC Voyage Miles, OCBC Travel$, Great Eastern’s Great Dollars, Frasers Points and My Points (Millennium Hotels and Resorts). You can also pool together points earned through these partners for quicker redemption or bigger rewards.

As with many rewards platforms, there is an attractive marketplace where you can redeem dining, shopping, travel, and other experiences with your combined loyalty points.

An added bonus is its “Hot Deals” section, which is refreshed every month, with exclusive deals.

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Earn Up To 4% Cashback On All Your Bill Payments

You will be glad to know that there is a bill payment promotion currently running on the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app. Receive 4% cashback (capped at S$8) on your total bill payment through the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app from 01 to 31 August in 2022. You only need to pay S$200 in bills to receive the maximum cashback.

With cardless lifestyle payment apps such as the OCBC Pay AnyoneTM app, it feels like Singapore is well on its way to becoming a cardless society. You can already go about much of your daily life without your wallet.

In fact, chatting with a close friend, he feels that the bigger challenge today is trying to get around the country without any cardless and/or digital payment apps, and just physical cash. It is hard to disagree with that sentiment.