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Guide To Using OCBC STACK Rewards – Is This Loyalty Programme A Worth Joining And Using?

If you’re going to spend, why not be rewarded with perks you care about?

Reward points are like currencies, they are unique and different from each other, and to manage different reward points may also be a hassle.

But what if you can exchange or trade them with different reward points just like how you exchange for a different currency?

Enter the OCBC STACK Programme. Launched in September 2019, STACK is a multi-partner loyalty platform that allows members to consolidate their reward points in one platform, and it comes with two major features:

Points Exchange allows members to track, exchange and redeem across participating rewards in a single portal.

Marketplace offers discounted deals or special promotions for members.

We explain how STACK works below.

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Points Exchange

As mentioned earlier, Points Exchange works like a marketplace for trading and exchanging of points across participating rewards programme.

Currently there are 5 reward partners participating in STACK programme, offering 7 different reward programmes for exchange via the platform.

Points can be traded and exchanged across different programmes, with the exception of OCBC$, where the points can only be exchange to other rewards, but not the other way around.

To convert the points, members will be required to select the rewards they like to convert using “from” and “to”, and the platform will indicate how many points you will receive from the exchange. There is no limit to the number of transfers one can make, and the conversions are made real-time.

A 2% admin fee of the total value of the outgoing rewards points will be charged for each exchange transaction, with a minimum and maximum cap on the admin fee per transaction. 

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STACK Marketplace

Another feature STACK offer is the Marketplace.

STACK Markplace is an online catalogue for deals and rewards, and it carries an assortment of deals, such as discounts on food and drinks, shopping, travel and even entertainment.

Members can use either their rewards points or their credit/debit card to redeem or purchase the deals.



Vouchers are issued electronically via SMS, which will lead you to a unique URL link. For redemption of vouchers at retailers, the voucher should be presented when ready to pay at the cashier, while redemption at e-commerce retailers is by means of entering the voucher number at the payment checkout.

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What You Need To Take Note Before You Sign Up 

Signing up for a STACK account is free-of-charge and is open to anyone with a valid Singapore mobile number.

To start using STACK Points Exchange, you will need to be enrolled into at least two of the participating rewards programme. As each partner programme has its own set of login credentials, you will need to verify each account individually.

For STACK Marketplace, do note that there is no option to redeem deals using a mix of reward points and cash for now.

In general, STACK provides users a platform to trade their points for attractive promotions, or to their exchange points from one programme to another, giving users the flexibility to decide how they want to use their points.

In addition, STACK also enables users to utilise every point in their enrolled programme. As opposed to the usual programmes where redemption is done in multiples of 10 or 100, STACK allows users to redeem or exchange 1 point, subject to a minimum exchange.