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AIA Vitality Revises Membership Benefits For 2020 – How Do The New Perks Stack Up?

Making an already sweet deal, sweeter.

We previously wrote about how one could stand to gain $236 worth of benefits every year by signing up for AIA Vitality and paying the membership of $8 each month, as long one stays disciplined enough in keeping up with the fitness regime, and consistently track and sync their fitness stats to the app to access the rewards.

Last week (8 January), AIA announced enhancements and new partners coming onboard the AIA Vitality Programme – without any increase in price, which makes the membership even more attractive.

For the uninitiated, AIA Vitality is a health and wellness programme that rewards AIA policyholders with attractive incentives at a fee of $8 a month. AIA Vitality members can earn and accumulate points through weekly challenges that encourage adopting healthy habits such as completing weekly exercise, eating healthily, as well as completing health assessment at approved clinics.

We list down the three enhancements to the programme.

#1 New Gym Partner – Virgin Active

Currently, AIA Vitaity partners with Fitness First and Gravity by offering a 20% discount on gym memberships. This gives an existing member of these gyms a discount of approximately $30 each month.

However, AIA Vitality has expanded their partnership with Virgin Active, where AIA Vitality members can enjoy 30% off their 12-month membership plan at the gym. This works out to a savings of more than $60 each month. Over a year, this would net members a savings of up to $720.

With the enhanced partnership, AIA Vitality members stand to benefit with more gym choices to achieve their fitness target.

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#2 Use of Golden Village Discount at Gold Class Movie Experience

AIA Vitality members who have fulfilled the requirements can redeem two discount codes for movies at Golden Village (GV) each month, with each discount code entitling them to a $3 off per movie ticket or Zen Zone admission.

With the enhanced partnership kicking in, AIA Vitality has expanded the use of the voucher at GV’s Gold Class movie experience. Currently, movie tickets at Gold Class ranges between $26 and $32 on Mondays to Wednesdays, and between $39 and $42 on Thursdays to Sundays, as well as during the eve of public holidays, public holidays and sneak previews.

The discount may not be substantial, given the price of the tickets. Nevertheless, movie revelers can take great pleasure at the discount by pampering themselves once in a while at a cinema that is touted to provide a premium moviegoing experience and personalised service.

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#3 Inclusion of GrabFood and Singtel ReadyRoam Incentives

AIA Vitality rewards its members with $5 partner vouchers, including Grab and Singtel, when they fulfill the weekly exercise requirements.

The enhanced partnership will see AIA Vitality expanding its existing offerings to include GrabFood and Singtel’s ReadyRoam services as part of the offerings for its partner vouchers, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. However, do note that the ReadyRoam incentives will only be applicable for roaming in Indonesia and Thailand for now.

The two enhancements to the existing partnership certainly bring good news to the working class, especially those who appreciates the convenience of having their meals delivered to their doorstep, or those whose work requires them to travel to Indonesia or Thailand.

Cost Of AIA Vitality Membership

It is also good to note that AIA Vitality has existing partnerships such as a 25% off Fitbit, Polar and Garmin products, as well as a 50% discount off Royal Carribbean and Emirates tickets.

We sum up the costs and rewards of the AIA Vitality programme below:

Costs Rewards
AIA Vitality Membership (1 year):
$8 x 12 = $96
Weekly Rewards Voucher, including GrabFood and Singtel ReadyRoam (1 year):
$5 x 52 = $260
AIA Basic Insurance Plan (1 year):
$176.33 *
Monthly Movie Ticket Vouchers (1 year):
$6 x 12 = $72
Basic Fitbit (with 25% off):
$88.50 *
Fitness First and Gravity Gym Membership (1 year):
$30 x 12 = $360 *Virgin Active Gym Membership (1 year):$80 x 12 = $960
20% Cashback On Healthy Food At Cold Storage:
Varies *
50% off Royal Caribbean and Emirates Tickets:
Varies *
$96 to $360.83 * $332 to $692 *


In addition, AIA Vitality members will also get to enjoy a 5% premium discount on new AIA insurance policies, and up to 15% discount on their premiums based on their AIA Vitality Status upon renewal of their policies each year.

Is The AIA Vitality Membership Worth?

Before these enhancements, the AIA Vitality programme was already a compelling membership to be paying for, especially if one has an existing AIA insurance policy and a fitness tracker. All that’s required is that you be disciplined enough in keeping their fitness regime, tracking their stats to the app, and perhaps make some purchases from the partners.

The enhancements in 2020 to these benefits, and the inclusion of a new gym partner means members will stand to gain with more choices, which in turn, means more savings.

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