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Here’s How Much Money You Can Save Just By Paying The Right Way

Paying using the right credit card can lead to savings in the thousands of dollars – all while not costing you a cent more.

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Many people own multiple credit cards, and smartly so! Each credit card has its own different benefits, perks and conditions. We want to make sure that we maximise our spending and earn more through our credit card spend.

For example, cashback cards give you cash in return for your spending. While this might not seem like a lot with each purchase, this could add up significantly in the long-run.

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Choosing the right credit card can sometimes mean the difference of hundreds of dollars of savings.

This infographic illustrates how much you can save with the CIMB World Mastercard, which gives you:

– Unlimited cashback of 2%* for categories like Wine & Dine, Entertainment & Recreation, Automobile and Duty Free shopping.

– Unlimited cashback of 1.5%* on all other spend.

– No minimum spend requirement.

For those looking for a cashback card that gives you a basic 1.5%* cashback on all your spending, the CIMB World Mastercard is a great option to have in your wallet. For avid golfers and travellers that frequently shop at Duty Free, the 2%* cashback from the CIMB World Mastercard could help you save a few hundred dollars every year.

Find out more about the CIMB World Mastercard here.

* Terms and conditions apply

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