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Here’s What The Credit Cards You Use Reveal About The Kind Of Person You Are

You can tell alot about a person by looking at the credit cards they carry.

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Many of the things that we own hints at the kind of people we are. The clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the homes we live in and even the pets we foster reveals a lot about us.

In the cashless society that we live in, most working adults will own a few credit cards. Whether you are waiting in line at the supermarket or dining out with friends, there is a lot you can learn from observing the credit cards that the person next to you is using.

# 1 Globetrotters

Types of credit cards these people carry: CitiPremierMiles Visa Card; American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card; Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

These people are most definitely frequent travellers. They likely enjoy jetting around the world on a regular basis, be it for their own leisure or on work trips.

By charging their expenses on their air miles cards, they are able to accumulate a substantial number of miles. These miles can be used to redeem airline tickets or to upgrade their seats.

Most air miles cards also give attractive welcome offers when you sign up. For example, new Citi PremierMiles Visa Card cardholders can earn up to 42,000 miles if they achieve a minimum spend of $10,000 within the first three months of receiving their cards. So be strategic about your card applications, and do it when you are about to make a big-ticket purchase in order to earn these bonus miles.

If you like to compare the various types of air miles cards in Singapore, you can use SingSaver to help you with your comparison.

# 2 Disciplined & Analytical

Types of credit cards these people carry: Standard Chartered Unlimited Card; HSBC Advance Credit Card; American Express True Cashback.

For disciplined and analytical spenders, cashback cards tend to be preferred. These people tend to be simple and practical individuals, who keep close tabs on the kinds of expenses they make. They also prefer seeing tangible savings on their monthly credit card statements each month.

For example, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Card provides an unlimited cashback of 1.5%, with no minimum spending or cap. This means that each time you use the card, you immediately save 1.5% on your bill, as opposed to using cash.

Prioritising cashback also means not having to worry about how benefits are being used, since cashback rebates are automatically applied to your following monthly billing statements, whenever applicable.

You can compare the benefits of the various cashback cards available in Singapore on SingSaver.

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# 3 Food Fanatics

Types of credit cards these people carry: Citi Cash Back Card; CIMB Visa Signature; UOB YOLO

Similar to cashback cards, these cards provide benefits that deliver cashback, with one exception – they provide extremely attractive rebate for dining spend.

For example, the CIMB Visa Signature provides a mouth-watering 10% cash rebate on dining deals (up to $60 per month). The Citi Cash Back Card provides an 8% cashback on dining deals (as well as groceries, petrol and Grab rides).

Whenever you see someone charging their bills to one of these cards, you can be certain that the person is a foodie. However, note that to earn these attractive cashbacks, cardholders will have to hit the minimum spend required each month.

If you are looking for a card that can help you optimise for your dining spend, check out the best dining credit cards as recommended by SingSaver.

# 4 Shopaholics

Types of credit cards these people carry: DBS Live Fresh; American Express CapitaCard; OCBC Frank

One way to spot a Shopaholic is to look at the credit cards that he/she is using.

These cards include the DBS Live Fresh, which gives up to 10% rebate for your online shopping, and the American Express CapitaCard, which allows you to earn accelerated STAR$ when you spend in participating merchants at CapitaLand Malls. These are cards that are designed specifically to help cardholders optimise for their (regular) shopping sprees, both online and offline.

Hence, if you see someone using these credit cards, it’s likely that they are regulars at the Great Singapore Sale each year.

Maximise Your Benefits When Using A Credit Card; Don’t Abuse It Or Be Abused By It

Credit cards can be both a boon or a bane. Responsible cardholders can easily utilise credit cards to earn attractive benefits. At the same time, irresponsible users can easily overspend and subsequently, rack up dangerous credit card debts.

If you think that the credit cards you currently have do not suit the kind of person you are (e.g. you are a frequent traveller but using cards meant for food fanatic, even though you don’t dine out often), you can easily compare more than 100 credit cards on SingSaver.

Source: SingSaver

The platform not only illustrates the benefits given for each credit card in Singapore, but also helps you find the right credit card based on your spending preference and needs, whether it’s air miles, cashback, dining or shopping.

So, choose your credit card wisely and spend prudently.

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