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Did You Know You Can Make These 5 Instant Travel Insurance Claims At Changi Airport With HyfeAssure

Making a travel insurance claim no longer needs to be a hassle, not when you can do it directly at the airport through Changi Recommends.

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Frequent travellers would appreciate the importance of buying travel insurance. Unexpected overseas medical emergencies, loss of belongings, flight delays and other incidents can not only ruin a well-planned trip by wasting much of our time and/ or cause great stress, but also force us to incur additional costs in our travel.

Despite its importance, anyone who has ever made a travel insurance claim would tell you that filing a travel insurance claim isn’t exactly a simple process.

Traditionally, many travel insurance claims require you to download, print and complete a claim form. Following that, you will need to mail your form along with any supporting documents required to the insurer. Typically, it takes two weeks before claimants find out the status of their claims, and whether it has been approved. If further documents are required, a longer waiting period can be expected.

Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be if you could just make a travel insurance claim directly at the airport upon your arrival back to Singapore?

Guess what, Singapore travellers can now look forward to making an instant travel insurance claim at Changi Airport.

How You Can Make An Instant Travel Insurance Claim At Changi Airport?

Similar to other services provided under Changi Recommends, Changi Airport now provides travellers with the option of making an instant travel insurance claim at the airport. This service is offered in collaboration with HyfeAssure, underwritten by HL Assurance for Changi Travel Services.

When you purchase a HyfeAssure travel insurance policy, you can look forward to making an instant claim of up to $200 directly at the Changi Recommends counters. Claims above $200 will still need to be submitted online.

Here are some common claims that you can make directly at the airport. Do ensure that you have the relevant supporting documents in order to receive your instant claim approval at the airport.

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#1 Travel Delays, Misconnections Or Overbooked Flights

If you travel enough times, you will eventually encounter a travel delay or misconnection. Some airlines may also overbook flights in order to maximise their revenue, based on the assumption that not everyone who bought a ticket will show up for their flight.

Being on the receiving end of a travel delay is never fun, especially if it means being stuck overseas for an extra half a day.

HyfeAssure provides a benefit of $100 for every 6 hours of travel delay, misconnection or missed flight due to an overbooking. This helps cover the cost any additional expenses you may incur while waiting for the next flight.

Have your written confirmation from the airline and the reason and duration for your delay, as it will be required in order for your claim to be approved.

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 #2 Emergency Phone Charges

If you encounter an emergency while you are overseas, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to use your phone to make an overseas call. And, as we know, overseas phone calls are not cheap.

HyfeAssure provides you with a pay out of up to $100 to cover for emergency phone charges incurred overseas.

#3 Personal Money

If your money is stolen while you’re overseas, you can make a claim directly at the Changi Recommends counters for claims that are $200 or less. To file a claim for loss of money, ensure that you have a copy of the police report, lodged at the place of loss and made within 24 hours.

Do note that HyfeAssure provides a claim pay out of up to $250 (Basic Plan) and $500 (Superior Plan). If your claim amount is more than $200, you will need to submit the claim form along with the supporting documents online.

#4 Medical Expenses

Similarly, if your overseas medical expenses claim is $200 or less, you can make your claim directly at the Changi Recommends counters upon your arrival in Singapore. You should have the necessary supporting documents such as the medical report, medical certificate and original medical bill or receipt.

For medical expenses claim above $200, you should submit your claim along with the supporting documents required online.

# 5 Delayed Baggage

Last, but certainly not least, encountering a baggage delay when you arrive at your destination is never a pleasant way to start an overseas trip. Unless you want to wait at the airport for your baggage to arrive, chances are that you would need to spend some money to purchase essentials in the meantime.

Similar to trip delays, HyfeAssure compensates you with $100 for every 6 hours that your baggage is delayed. This is up to a maximum of $500 (Basic Plan) and $1,000 (Superior Plan).

Instant Claims Will Handle Small Inconvenience.

The instant claim pay out offered by Changi Recommends provides a unique service to ease tedious small claim process for travellers. For larger claims, travellers can continue to submit their claim form, along with the required supporting documents, online. These claims are likely to be for more serious matters such as overseas hospitalisation, large medical expenses, loss of baggage or trip cancellations. You can find out the full benefits of the HyfeAssure travel insurance here.

To give you additional reason to buy your HyfeAssure travel insurance through Changi Recommends, travellers can now enjoy a 55% off travel insurance premiums by using the promo code 55OFF. So, you not only enjoy the convenience of submitting an instant travel claim at Changi Airport, but also substantial savings for HyfeAssure travel insurance policies.

To find out more about HyfeAssure, we recommend checking out Changi Recommends’ website.