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[Infographic] Just How Expensive are Weddings in Singapore?

Getting married or planning to propose to your significant other? Well, you better have a lot of savings tucked away. Weddings in Singapore don’t come cheap.

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As expensive a city as Singapore is, you can expect that a wedding will cost you at least five figures, especially if you’re having a Chinese banquet dinner and your mother insists on inviting every first-, second- and third-cousin you have.

But how much do you need to save? We take a look in the infographic below. Note that this is a minimal sum you’ll need and the costs can go much higher. If you plan to take your pre-wedding photographs overseas, be prepared to shell out a lot more.

Warning: This infographic can be graphic (in terms of how much you’re going to have to save).

[Infographic] Just How Expensive are Weddings in Singapore?

Wedding Preparations 

Engagement Ring – S$2,000 and above
Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot – S$1,000 and above
Wedding Package (includes evening gown, tuxedo, hair and make-up) – S$3,000 and above
Dowry (for Chinese weddings) – S$5,000 and above
Photographer – S$2,000 and above

Wedding Ceremony  

Solemnisation (includes gown, photographer, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc) – S$3,000 and above
Wedding Banquet (10 tables) – S$30,000 and above
Wedding Ring – S$2,000 and above

Honeymoon – S$4,000 and above

Total: S$52,000 and above

Getting married requires some serious spending, but ultimately, you control how much you spend for it. Of course, there are ways you can cut back on wedding expenses. The last thing you want is to start your married life in debt!

You can DIY certain aspects, like invitations and wedding favours. You can even enlist friends and family to help out when it comes to making a very personalised wedding. Don’t forget to shop around suppliers and to check out wedding trade shows to get the most out of your wedding budget.