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Here’s What New Insurance Agents Should Not Be Doing When Approaching Millennials

Social media can be both a boon and a bane.

Millennials today are often a discerning and critical bunch that are often hard to please. Most millennials today understand the importance of insurance. However, no matter how much some insurance agents say that they are “not pushy”, some of their actions tend to put millennials off.

Here are 3 things insurance agents should AVOID when approaching millennials.

# 1 Post All Over Your Own Instagram Account

Yes, social media is a tool to stay connected with friends and family. It also works as a business tool for brand awareness and a way to let your friends know that they can rely on you on insurance matters. However, the last thing a new insurance agent should do is to overdo it on marketing for themselves on Instagram.

Instead of building a brand name for yourself, you are kicking yourself in the foot when you constantly share with your followers something related to insurance, be it through your photo or your caption.

Never focus on selling on your social media accounts and respect your followers’ feed. Credibility comes from your clients telling others about how good you are and how much they enjoyed your services. This serves as a much more powerful testimonial.

However, you telling your followers about how you helped your client or how your client enjoyed your services does not value-add to your personal branding at all. Self-praise is no praise.

Use social media to start conversations, maintain relationships and keep yourself updated with what’s going on in their lives. Also know that different social media platforms also tend to have different “purposes”. For example, sharing insurance and career-related content on LinkedIn is deemed as perfectly acceptable. Some insurance agents do a great job on social media by subtly reminding their followers about insurance. This makes it all the more effective when they sell insurance through their posts every once in a long while.

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# 2 Have A Hidden Agenda

“Want to meet up for coffee?”

The chance to catch up with a friend you have not met in ages does not come by frequently as Singaporeans go about their busy lives. It would be a disappointment for that meet up to actually be a sales pitch.

Rather than having your friend realize that your “coffee date” with them actually has a hidden agenda, tell them befor­ehand that you would like to share more about a financial plan.

As a friend, you need to show that you care more about their lives rather than getting them to buy your products. Customers are smart and will see right through your intentions when you focus on the sales and not the person. A strong friendship will see your friends recommending you to others when they know you think in their best interest. In today’s age where reviews and opinions matter most, this is the strongest way to strengthen your name.

# 3 Hide What You Know

Never insist other insurance companies’ plans are not as good unless you know it for a fact. Sometimes your client just wants an honest opinion when comparing similar plans from different companies.

At this point in time, honesty is greatly appreciated.

Your client might even choose to purchase from you even if the plan your agency sells is slightly more expensive because of your honesty.

A good customer-agent relationship is essential for your long-term benefit. Focus on giving your customer the best advice and service you can provide. A good experience will encourage your current customers to come back to you in the future.

Millennials understand the importance of insurance. Savvy and strategic use of social media is a great way to help your own branding and marketing. However, do bear in mind that coming off as pushy and sales-driven is the last impression you want to leave on your millennial clients.

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