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Here Is The One Mistake Singaporeans Are Making While Renovating Their HDB Flat

Are you making such a mistake?

You finally received the keys to your new home. Over the next few months, you spend hours each day researching on renovation ideas and looking through the proposals sent to you by interior designers. During the weekends, you head down to furniture shops to find the perfect sofa, dining set and bed.

It’s a long and tedious process for renovating and furnishing your first home, but you believe the effort is worth the long-term reward of having your dream home. What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe a burst pipe in the toilet right after your renovation is completed?

We are not going to include a photo in our article. If you are interested in what can happen if your toilet pipe burst, just Google “Punggol HDB sewage pipe burst”.

Be WARNED, It’s not a pretty sight.

Insured Your Flat Before You Start Any Renovation

It’s easy to get excited over the renovation process and to ignore the importance of home insurance. Some homeowners, even after knowing insurance is important, delay the purchase of it months after they have moved in. You are playing with fire (pun intended) by risking such a decision.

The move-in period for a new HDB flat is generally the time when the most amounts of things can go wrong. The building is new, and it’s possible that the flaws with the building are yet to be identified and rectified.

For example, illegal disposal of debris from your fellow neighbours or their contractors could choke and burst sewage pipes, causing a mess (literally) in your home.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

In the unlikely (though not entirely impossible) event when something such as a burst pipe ruined the completed renovation and furnishing of your home, it might be difficult for homeowners to pinpoint and seek compensation from the party who is at fault.

As such, it is important to ensure your renovated home is adequately covered by a home content insurance as soon as it’s completed, or maybe even before your renovation starts. This ensures that your renovation works and the content of your home are covered in the event that anything goes wrong.

Do note however that most insurance companies do exclude coverage while a home is undergoing renovation, hence protecting them from being liable for damages caused by contractors.

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Get The Right Home Content Insurance

According to the comparison of plans provided by local online insurance broker Insurance Market, home content insurance is extremely affordable with premium starting from just $35 a year. The plan provides your home with basic home content insurance of up to $22,500, and renovation coverage of $30,000. It’s offered by NTUC Income.

They are more comprehensive plans that offer higher coverage for home, which costs a higher premium. You can check out which are the best plans available based on your budget.


Source: Insurance Market

insurance-market-coverage-homeSource: Insurance Market

Home content insurance is one of the important insurance policies that everyone should have. It’s simple enough to understand, and you can easily compare and buy it through an online platform.

If you are unsure over the type of coverage that different insurance companies provide, the home insurance comparison platform that Insurance Market provides is a good way for you to not only compare the price and coverage you get, but also to understand what exactly the policy insures your home for.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the valuable content in your home un-insured.

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