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Here Are 4 Father’s Day Gifts NOT To Buy

Even dad may say no to these gifts

Father’s Day is coming upon us in a couple of weeks. Once again, we get a chance to be coaxed to spend by retailers. Their message is the same: buying a gift is a chance to express love and appreciation for our fathers.

However, not all gifts are created equal. And there are some that absolutely makes no sense for dad, regardless of how much you might have paid for it.

Here is the list of our top 4 worst gifts to buy for Father’s Day.

#1 A Dog

Getting a dog these days is becoming increasingly common. Kids love them; some families enjoy having them around, and see them as an extension of the family.

That being said, fathers are seldom the ones who actually want to get a dog for the family. They are smart enough to know the commitment involved in taking care of a dog. Having already taken care of kids growing up, they would prefer to do without the additional responsibility.

So kids, don’t surprise your father by introducing a dog that you want to the household.

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#2 A Swiss Knife

It looks manly and kind of cool. It is not cheap looking either. Best of all, it is considered a handy tool around.

And it probably would never be used around the home. By your father or anyone else in the family.

#3 Annual Straits Times Subscription

If he already has it, let him continue paying for it.

If he does not have it, there is no reason to pay to get him started.

#4 A Pen

For some reasons, buying an expensive pen is somehow “acceptable” for fathers.  We are not exactly sure why.

Could it be because in the past, fathers used to be seen going to work with a pen clipped to the front pocket of their shirts? Or maybe it’s the age-old perception that big important deals somehow need to be signed using an expensive pen.

We are pretty sure that even fathers these days would prefer a more useful gift than a pen.

What are some other lousy gifts that you can think of? Share it with us on Facebook!

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